SXSW 2010 T-Shirt Sightings (Day 4)

Just one more day until the Interactive portion of the SXSW festival is over. Until then, enjoy a day 4 recap of the best T-Shirt sightings at SXSW 2010! Note that Three Keyboard Cat Moon, Three Wolf Moon, One Hundred, and I Hate Cliches Like The Plague are available for sale (links below).

SXSW T-Shirt Sightings

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

Day 4 SXSW T-Shirt Sightings:

1. Three Keyboard Cat Moon + I Can Has Cheezburger, photo by The Plan8 Podcast. Check out I Can Has Cheezburger founder, Eric Nakagawa, in his sexy Three Keyboard Cat Moon tee from Threadless – the immensely popular parody of the Three Wolf Moon (See #15) shirt. Buy Three Keyboard Cat moon from Threadless. Visit I Can Has Cheezburger, Threadless.


2. One Hundred, photo submitted by Bryan Vega. I feature Ugmonk regularly here and so it was cool to spot one of his tees at SXSW 2010! Buy One hundred from Ugmonk. Visit Ugmonk and Benjamin Ellis’ site.

One Hundred

3. I Avoid Cliches Like The Plague, photo by David Alson. Here’s social media strategist, Jay Baer in a funny one liner tee – even better, you can pick this one up at Mental Floss! Buy I Avoid Cliches Like The Plague from the Mental Floss Store. Visit TweetPR, Convince & Convert and Mental Floss.

I Avoid Cliches Like The Plague

4. I’m Ugly On The Inside Too, photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid. Self-esteem issues? Nah, just a cool shirt! Visit Laughing Squid.

I'm ugly On The Inside Too

5. Super Burger, photo by Kelly Davidson. Oh good god I want that burger. Forget the shirt. I WANT THAT BURGER! Visit Etched On Film and Etched On Film The Blog.

Super Burger

6. Shoot, Stream, Love and Ustream, photo by ustream. An amazing collection of Ustream shirts given away at the Ustream party. Why was I not there? Visit Ustream.



7. Skimble, photo by Maria Chily. Skimble helps you plan, track and discover your active life. This iPhone app will keep track of your runs, hikes, yoga sessions and any other activity under the sun! Visit Maria Ly’s site and Skimble.


8. Maybe Partying Will Help, photo by Kelly Davidson. Partying always helps, that’s for sure! Visit Etched On Film and Etched On Film The Blog.


9. Tantek Çelik, photo by Andrew – Hyde. Here’s a photo of software developer and entrepreneur Jon Pierce with former Chief Technologist at Technorati. BTW, can somebody tell me what logo is on Tantek’s shirt? Visit Tantek Celik’s site, Jon Pierce’s site and  Andrew Hyde’s site.


10. Bike Hugger, photo by kk+. Love biking? Well you must check out Bike Hugger, a blog dedicated to biking! Visit Static Photography and Bike Hugger.

Bike Hugger

11. I Heart Geeks, photo by civicuk. Civic is an award-winning digital communications agency. Their aim is simple: to make life easier for their clients, using the best technology available. Visit Civic.

I Heart Geeks

12. Hustlemania, photo by kylesteed. Could a shirt define Gary Vaynerchuk better than Hustlemania? The word Hustle and the phrase Crush It have become synonymous with @garyvee and I am happy to see one of his catchphrases in T-Shirt form. Visit Gary Vaynerchuk’s site, Plastic Mind, Up Themes, Kyle Steed’s site and Komodo Media.


13. Dam Girl, photo by adrants. Greg, I like your shirt – where’d you get it? Greg Verdino is a futurist, marketer, writer and speaker who works as Vice President, Strategy & Solutions at full service social media agency Powered, Inc. His first book, microMARKETING, is due from McGraw-Hill in summer 2010. Visit Adrants and Greg Verdino’s site.

Dam Girl

14. HootSuite, photo by John Biehler. Another cool HootSuite Shirt. But what about that button up skull shirt? That is dope. Visit HootSuite and John Biehler’s site.


15. Three World Moon, photo by Outdoor Miner. Why not end todays recap with how we started it! Without Three Wolf Moon there would be no Three Keyboard Cat Moon. And there would be a lot less LOL’s in the world. Buy Three Wolf Moon from Amazon. Visit Clay Shirky’s Writings About The Internet.

Three Wolf Moon

Check back tomorrow for a recap of Day 5’s SXSW T-Shirt sightings!

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Some things to note:

1. I will be tracking tees during the Interactive Session (March 12 – 16). Depending on how things goes, I might do this series of posts throughout the entire festival. We shall see!

2. If you’re a startup and you see your T-Shirt here then please note that I want it! If you’ve got an extra Men’s Large send one my way and I’ll be sure to review not only your tee but your service/website on this blog! Should be fun.

3. If you’re at SXSW, 1. I am jealous and 2. Be on the lookout for cool tees that you spot and send them my way!

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