Weekly Recap and Linkology | April 30, 2010

This site has been up for nearly 2 years now and it surprises me that I haven’t thought about doing a weekly recap post before. Luckily, this old dog can learn new tricks. So welcome to the first of hopefully many Weekly Recaps, a place where I will be able to funnel the many links and interesting stories that don’t make it on to the main blog and also remind you of my faves that did make it. I’ll also post some of the more interesting links from some of my favorite tee blogs and also from some of my other sites, including Call Me Thirsty, FAILShirt, Tumblr Trends and my newest site, SwipeTap. So let’s get to it.

Around This Blog:

Our friends over at Milk & Eggs Co. provided some very awesome photos from the Independent Design and Gift Show: Unique LA. View photos from Day 1 and Day 2 here.


My T-Shirt Pick of the Week (April 24 – April 30) goes to The Coupon Tee by Chop Shop, $20. Read more about it here.

The Coupon Tee

I finally announced the winner of the Might Tees Steve-In-Sane T-Shirt Giveaway. Congratulations to Abi Mochtan for winning another contest! Want to stay up to date on all contest held here? It’s easy, just become our friend on Facebook!

T-Shirt Blogging Friends:

Andy from Hide Your Arms started ThreadlessGiftCertificates.com where you can buy Threadless gift certificates for cheaper than you can at Threadless!

$7 Tees from Tilteed? That’s right! And Bo from Loving This Tee has the scoop! Get your $7 Tilteed tee now!

Micah from A T-Shirt Blog posted this awesome shirt from Random Objects, it’s called Under Paid. So cool! $21.


I’m a big fan of the Sequoia tree, and so I can appreciate this post on Violent Elegance from In My Shirt Sleeve!


Other Coty Links:

If you ever run into Edward Cullen, this Vampire Hunting Kit will help you. Via TumblrTrends.

Vampire Hunting Kit

If you aspire to one day work for Jimmy Kimmel’s security staff, then please review this video on how to deal with aliens. Via TumblrTrends.

RateTea is a great site to read reviews on teas that you’ve probably never heard of, and you can add your own reviews! Via CallMeThirsty.

One might argue that this design is the biggest Failshirt in recorded history. Another elegant post by our friend Macho Slut over at Found Item Clothing! Why not buy Slater’s Pot Leaf shirt instead? Via FAILShirt.


Check out my newest blog, SwipeTap.com! Swipe, tap and pinch your way through the best apps on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Random Apple musings also included. Please read my Fuck You letter to Jon Stewart and my first iPad review, it’s for a game called Azkend HD. More information about SwipeTap coming later, in the mean time, add SwipeTap on Facebook and Twitter!

Threadless News:

I’ve got special invites to register on the invite only site Gilt Man. Register now and on May 4 at noon EST pick up some limited edition Threadless X Gilt Man tees. Sign up now and get $10 credit that you can use at checkout – sweet!

Threadless X Gilt Man

My Threadless Pick of the There and Back Again by Reagan H. Lee.

There and Back Again by Reagan H. Lee

The Imperial Undead

I’m not the biggest fan of the zombie/gore genre, especially when the shirts take themselves too seriously. Parody shirts, however, I am a fan of. This tee by ShantyShawn melds two of my favorite things, Star Wars and parody designs. The fact that the characters have been turned into freakish zombie types, doesn’t really bother me too much. I think the new look gives Darth Vader some character.

“If you thought the Empire was evil before, now they’re undead and hungry for some rebel flesh. If you love zombies and Star Wars, then this is a must have for your wardrobe. Your Jedi friends will be sooo jealous!”

The Imperial Undead is available now at ShantyShawn’s RedBuble shop for $23.94. If you dig his design, you may also want to check out his online portfolio, Shawn Conn: Snapshots from Hell’s Carnival.

The Imperial Undead

The Imperial Undead

Chucknorium + @-@

So I was checking out the Reckoning at Shirt.Woot and I stumbled on two awesome tees. The first of the two is currently at the top of the reckoning at it pretty much blew my mind, like all other Chuck Norris memes seem to do. The shirt is called Chucknorium and is a parody of the very popular (on the web at least) Periodic Table of Elements. If you’re a science geek and you heart the omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent Chuck Norris, then you’ll definitely love this shirt.


The second tee will appeal to any Science Fiction geek with an appreciation for fine typography. The shirt is called @-@ and was designed by Threadless veteran David Staffell. David did a great job at re-imagining the All Terrain Armored Transport, more popularly known as AT-AT’s, from the Star Wars Universe. If Glenn Jones from Glennz tees were to somehow have his design genes combined with Jeff Sheldon from Ugmonk, something like this would be the result.


Limited Edition Threadless Tees at Gilt Man

Threadless has teamed up with the exclusive online retailer, Gilt Man, to deliver limited edition Threadless tees that will only be available to Gilt Groupe members. If you’re unfamiliar with Gilt Groupe, basically, they offer high fashion clothing from luxury brands at discounts of up to 70% off. The only caveat is that the site is by invite only. Luckily for you, I’ve got invites that you can use. You’ll need to register before you can purchase your limited edition Threadless tees from Gilt Man. And by the way, when you register you’ll score an automatic $10 discount that you can use at checkout!

Based on the previews, it looks like the classic Funkalicious by Christopher Golebiowski and Clouds Within The Thunder by Joe Van Wetering, will be available for sale. Not sure what other designs they will have for sale on Gilt Man, but I am excited to find out! The tees used look like the form fitting Tri-Blends offered by American Apparel. As far as I know, these prints will only be available on May 4 and will only be available on Gilt Man. The shirts go on sale on May 4 at noon EST. No word yet on pricing.

Use this special invite to gain access to Gilt Man so that you can purchase your limited edition Threadless tees on May 4!

Gilt Man

Gilt Man

The Coupon Tee

The newest tee from the Chop Shop is pretty killer. Instead of a design comprised of 50 or so silhouettes, they have a design that features 19 funny, mock coupons! If you’re a tech nerd or web geek, you’ll find at least one coupon here that will tickle your funny bone.

The Chop Shop is offering the aptly named The Coupon Tee in 5 different colors (Eggplant, Silver, Cranberry, Orange, White). The shirt is available now for sale for $20 ($2  extra for American Apparel tees).

“19 various coupons for tech nerds and web enthusiasts. Special offers not seen on any other t-shirts anywhere! They range from 30% the droids you are looking for to 50% off any 1 ring of power in either styles for men or dwarves. Other offers will get your mom off Facebook and make it so that someone sees one of your tweets. Order it now and start taking advantage of all the glorious offers!”

Disclaimer: Not all offers valid and cutting coupons out of shirt will render shirt full of holes.

The Coupon Tee

The Coupon Tee

The Coupon Tee

The Coupon Tee

The Coupon Tee

Unique LA Day 2 Recap Photos

Looks like a lot of you enjoyed the photos provided by our friends at Milk & Eggs Co! Fortunately for you, there’s more where that came from. Here are some photos from Day 2 of the Independent Design and Gift Show: Unique LA. Please enjoy and remember to visit Milk & Eggs Co. for some awesome and fun teeeeee shirts!

FAZE Apparel | FAZE is an acronym for Fearless and Zealous Everyday and is a San Francisco clothing line brought to you by three uniquely different, yet similar individuals. To us and our supporters, FAZE is more than a brand, it’s a mentality that should be upheld daily. You are driven by passion and FAZE will help you prove it to the world, through apparel with elevated designs and harmonious color schemes that represent your adaptive and visionary instinct.

FAZE Apparel

FAZE Apparel

LiNK: Liberty In North Korea | LiNK exists so that one day the crisis in North Korea will not. We operate under a mandate that does not allow us to remain silent about the human rights and refugee crisis that is a result of this emergency. We educate, protect, advocate, provide and empower the North Korean people so that one day they will have the opportunity to live in true freedom.





MNKR | To make people happy through the wearable medium of the T-Shirt.



[Read more…]

Might Tees Steve-In-Sane Giveaway Winner!

It’s been a crazy last couple of days, so for those of you who entered the Steve-In-Sane giveaway sponsored by Might Tees, thanks you so much for your patience! One of you will be mightily awarded with the brand new Steve Jobs/David Bowie mashup tee from the tech geeks over at Might Tees! I randomly selected one winner out of the many entries … and the winner is … well you’ll need to watch the video to see if you’ve won!

Thanks to everyone who participated! If you didn’t win and you still want the Steve-In-Sane T-Shirt then please head on over to Might Tees and pick one up for yourself today!

Might Tees

Might Tees

Unique LA Day 1 Recap Photos

Our good friends David and Ade of Milk & Eggs Co. were kind enough to send over some photos from Day 1 of the Independent Design and Gift Show: Unique LA. I am sure that they were super tired after a full days worth of T-Shirt hustling, so a big thank you to the both of them. Here are the photos that they sent, please enjoy and remember to check out Milk & Eggs Co.

Milk & Eggs Co. | Milk & Eggs Co. is a t-shirt company started by Ade and Dave in February 2009. We design, print and package all of our products in the always sunny Burbank, California, with all materials being manufactured in the United States. We’ve created a special animation about Milk & Eggs that we want to share.


Hey look, new goodies from Milk & Eggs Co. (photo courtesy of Flickr user supah cute). This stuff isn’t even available on their website yet!

Milk & Eggs Co.

ARKA Clothing | The true meaning of the word “ARKA” is to be the king of all kings. However, this can be interpreted differently by different individuals. We feel that everybody has a leader within and can contribute to the beauty of today’s world.

Arka Clothing

ARKA Clothing

Beautiful Decay | Beautiful/Decay Apparel is a limited edition T-shirt line in collaboration with the artists and designers featured on the pages of our book. We work directly with each artist to create one-of-a-kind graphics in order to provide our readers with wearable collectables by some of their favorite artists.

Beautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay

Charlie Noble | Charlie Noble Clothing is a collaborative effort of designer Mike B., artist Jimmynude, and outdoorsman Jay H. With designs from independent artists, our intention is to provide comfortable clothing with a creative edge. The future of Charlie Noble lies in the expansion of an artistically driven brand, focused not only on the continual creation of original graphic t-shirts, but also on garments intended to be subtle, refined versions of common workwear and the clothing of our military brethren.

Charlie Noble



Fera Fera


Hips and Hair | Hips and Hair is my artistic aesthetic applied to apparel and various forms of fine art. With Hips and Hair I am creating the type of art I want to see and experience, as well as creating the type of apparel I want to wear and see others wearing. Hips and Hair is where glossy magazine ads meet spray paint and knife fights. Hips and Hair is the outlet that allows me to create the type of art that I need to create.

Hips and Hair

Maiden Voyage Clothing |

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

[Read more…]

LadyUmbrella Sale + Bonus Batch Bingo

Our good friends over at LadyUmbrella is having a special and promotion which will last from now until May 1st. All T-Shirts have been marked down by 15%  and, if that’s not enough for you bargain shoppers, you can score an additional 15% off  coupon code by heading to the LadyUmbrella Facebook page.

But that’s not all! You see, each piece of LadyUmbrella clothing is unique and limited edition. Every T-Shirt at LadyUmbrella comes with a hang tag that is individually marked with a specific number. LadyUmbrella will be using these unique numbers to do monthly drawings for free tees starting next month. So be sure to pick up you LadyUmbrella tee, save some cash and win a tee!


Bonus Batch Bingo

Unique LA Spotlight: Liberty In North Korea (LiNK)

During the next few days I’ll be featuring the awesome clothing brands that will be setting up booths at Unique LA, an independent design and gift show that will take place on April 24th thru the 25th at the California Market Center.

For LiNK, making and selling T-Shirts is not just about making a quick buck, but rather it’s about making a difference. LiNK, short for Liberty In North Korea, is the only full-time organization aggressively working on the North Korean human rights crisis in North America. With every T-Shirt sale, LiNK is able to provide humanitarian assistance to North Korean refugees.

The Hundred Campaign

Last November, we launched our most aggressive campaign yet: rescuing 100 North Korean refugees from hiding as soon as possible. We began by setting a goal to raise $50,000 by the end of the year and, in just two months, hundreds of you responded by donating to this rescue.

The money has been collected and the final number is in. Together, we raised $41,402.54. Because of the tremendous response, we will be able to bring 16 refugees out of hiding and provide them with an opportunity to begin a new life!

We sincerely thank you for your support, sacrifice and commitment in making the rescue of this first group possible.

We aren’t stopping here. Our goal is to raise $200,000 this year to enable the rescue of the remaining 84 refugees. If you are new to the campaign, please check out the website here and consider donating TODAY to help us reach one hundred.

You can find LiNK at Unique LA at Table 30 next to the Free Workshops area.




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