WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting (Day 2)

It’s Day 2 of WonderCon and we’ve got even more crazy costumes! Kudos to the photographers for snapping some amazing shots. My favorite has got to be the candid Captain America photos by Erik Wilson (Generik11) of Pixels at an Exhibition.

Wondercon Costume Spotting

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

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Day 2 WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting:

1. Captain America, photo by Generik11. Two excellent photos here. It’s Captain American in real life. And look, he even uses a cell phone like s regular people. Visit Pixels at an Exhibition.

Captain America

Captain America

2. Batman and Company, photo by Kelson. All together now…smile! Visit Hyperborea.

Batman & Company

3. Sailor Mini Moon & Sailor Moon, photo by BirdofPrey247. Oh Good God!!! Visit the Birds of Prey Costume Page.

Sailor Moon

4. Raven & Spoiler, photo by BirdsofPrey247. Okay, these two are just freakingly scary. The purple one gives me the creeps! Visit the Birds of Prey Costume Page.


5. Alien, photo by Wendy Copley. Could you imagine walking around the convention center with that damn huge head piece? Visit Wendolonia.


6. Superbear, photo by Generik11. I love this photo. It’s Superman … with a beer belly and some nip showing! Visit Pixels at an Exhibition.


7. The Joker, photo by Luckykatt. This looks kind of like a very happy Joker instead of an emotionally disturbed one.

The Joker

8. Unknown, photo by calnimephotos. Not sure who this person is dressed up as, but she does bring the F in fierce. Visit Conpix.


9. Wannabe Justice League, photo by Kelson. I think this is as close as we’ll get to a Justice League live action movie. Visit Hyperborea.

Justice League

10. Bumblebee, photo by Liquid29. If you thought that Alien head was a hassle, imagine walking around as Bumblebee! I wonder how many people asked if could transform for them. Visit Liquid29.

Bumble Bee

11. Gorilla, photo by Liquid29. Confidence. This gorilla just exudes confidence. Visit Liquid29.


12. Harley Quinn, photo by HeRM:P P h o t o g r a p H y. Beautiful Harley Quinn photo….now put the gun down!

Harley Quinn

13. Klingons, photo by Liquid29. I honestly thought there would be more Trekkie peeps. These Klingons look kind of pissed. What do you think? Visit Liquid29.


14. Poison Ivy, photo by HeRM:P P h o t o g r a p H y. Poison Ivy is never good for you. Never.

Poison Ivy

15. Trekkie, photo by HeRM:P P h o t o g r a p H y. Great shot. Despite the fact that she looks like she wants to zap you with her phaser.


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