WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting (Day 3)

Day 3 of WonderCon marked the last day of the convention and I’ve got my 15 favorite costumes all picked out for you. The best photograph has got to go to Ryu Vs. Alien (see #3) by Thomas Levinson (Montauk beach).

Wondercon Costume Spotting

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

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Day 3 WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting:

1. The Spirit, photo by itsklepperx. Denny Colt looks like he’s ready to fight some crime!

The Spirit

2. Imperial Arrest, photo by Montauk Beach. Kids, you were on the wrong side of the force today. Visit Thomas Levinson’s site.

Imperial Arrest

3. Ryu vs. Alien, photo by Montauk Beach. I love this photo. Aliens Vs. Predators? Pfft. How about Aliens vs. Street Fighter! Now that would be an awesome movie! Visit Thomas Levinson’s site.

Ryu Vs. Alien

4. Wonder Woman, photo by BilRW3. Awww, the pleasures of being Wonder Woman! Visit Stamaria.

Wonder Woman

5. Batgirl, photo by calanimephotos. Why hello there, Barbara Gordon. Visit Conpix.


6. Clark Kent / Superman, photo by earthdog. The cheesiness of Superman in real life! I love it! Visit Sad Salvation.


7. Green Arrow, photo by Rendy Lai Photography. The photography on this one makes the costume look great. Awesome shot!

Green Arrow

8. Bizzaro Superman, photo by tskirvin. You can never have enough powder! Visit Skirv’s Wiki.

Bizzaro Superman

9. Buzz Lightyear / Snow White, photo by krystyl. Old school Disney dancing with old school Pixar. Visit Krystyl’s Blog.

Buzz Lightyear

10. Captain Cosmic, photo by raider3 anime. Bay Area sci-fi fans will recognize Captain Cosmic. His show aired in the San Francisco area from 1977 to 1980. Visit NetworkR3.

Captain Cosmic

11. Superman / Flash, photo by Ptrickw. I wonder if superheroes needed to stand in line for the iPad like the rest of us?

Superman and Flash

12. The Joker and Friends, photo by henchman 21. Where’s Batman?

The Joker and Friends

13. Subzero, photo by Montauk Beach. An amazing shot of the coldest Mortal Kombat character. Visit Thomas Levinson’s site.


14. Harry Potter / Princess Leia / Anakin Skywalker, photo by Rendy Lai Photography. Potter, hmmmm. Princess Leia and Anakin Skywalker, cute!

Harry Potter

15. Superheroes, photo by BilRW3. Who is the guy in the red and yellow with black hand prints on his chest? Visit The Guild of Santa Maria.


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