The Ultimate Geek T-Shirt? It Reads Email.

I feature a lot of T-Shirts on this site that fall under the category of “geek”, however, I don’t think I’ve featured one as geeky as this email counting tee. The shirt, which was designed by software designer Chris Bell, keeps an up-to-date count of the number of unread emails in your email inbox. Think that I’m kidding? Watch the video. It’s kind of unbelievable and all kinds of awesome.

The shirt is a one-off so don’t even try to look for a “buy now” link. The shirt is open source (ever thought you’d hear the term open source in reference to a T-Shirt?) so that means if you pick up the same components from Spark Fun Electronics you could theoretically make your own. The shirt makes use of LilyPad Arduino on the software side of things. The script needed to run the T-Shirt can be found here.