101 Nintendo T-Shirts For The Ultimate Nintendo Gamer

To say that the Nintendo Entertainment System was a part of my childhood is quite an understatement. The original NES was in fact a big part of my childhood. I recall countless hours playing Super Mario Bros., Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, Rad Racer, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, just to name a few of my favorite titles. I remember leaving the NES on overnight just so that I could save my place in in a particular game and continue playing the next day. I remember vigorously blowing into cartridges to kick start them back to life. I remember the countless hours of fun that I had with my NES.

101 Nintendo T-Shirts

This list is built on that childhood love that I had for Nintendo. To this day, you can still catch me playing with the Nintendo Wii or my DS. The only difference now is that I can look good (and so can you) in Nintendo gear while I am gaming out. Enjoy the list!

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a NINTENDO related shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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1. The Plumbers Wardrobe by Split Reason, $18.95. Plumbing is serious business; you need to dress for success. The Amphibian suit is useful for underwater jobs, The raccoon suit for those hard to reach toilets in the clouds, and a doctor’s outfit is always nice to have on hand for… umm… we’ll let you use your imagination.

The Plumbers Wardrobe

2. Life of the Party by SnorgTees, $19.95.

3. 8-Bit Blues by Jacques Maes (Threadless), $18.

8-Bit Blues

4. Classically Trained by 80’s Tees, $20.

Classically Trained

5. Die Hard by Busted Tees, $20.

Die Hard

6. Let’s Rock Mega Man by 80sTees, $22.

7. Tetris Skyline by Reece Ward (RedBubble), $24.14.

Tetris Skyline

8. This Is Why I’m Hot by SnorgTees, $19.95.

9. NES Controller by Shirt City, $22.95.

NES Controller

10. Game Over by Fuzzy Ink, $21. Wrinkled Koopa and his troopas are still misbehavin’, Piranhas poppin’ meds and an arthritic Princess needs savin’, with Yoshi underground and Luigi set on mute, it’s Mario’s time to shine in a weathered raccoon suit.

Game Over

11. Gameboy by Ghost Clothing, $17.


12. Legendary Lawncare by SplitReason, $19.95.

13. Zelda Real Hero by The King of Games, 4,800 Yen.

Zelda Real Hero

14. Love Plus by NijigenCOSPA, 3,045 Yen.

Love Plus

15. Zelda by Shirt City, $22.95.


16. Kid Icarus: The Three Sacred Treasures by The King of Games, 4,000 Yen.

Kid Icarus

17. Duck Hunt by Rikki B (Uneetee), $15.

Duck Hunt

18. Mighty Kong by Split Reason, $18.95. This time around, Kong has a slightly different set of formidable opponents trying to knock him off that building.

Mighty Kong

19. Epic Fail Tetris by 80sTees, $20.

20. Tetris Start Screen by 80sTees, $20.

21. Nutritious Breakfast by Chow Hon Lam (Threadless), $18.

Nutritious Breakfast

22. Super Metroid Map by Charles Caldwell (RedBubble), $23.94.

Super Metroid Map

23. Legend by Cosplay, £18.


24. Grow Up by Split Reason, $18.95. Just eat this mushroom and grow up, it’s the fastest way!

Grow Up

25. Mario Kart by Shirt City, $22.95.

Mario Kart

26. Player Hater by Busted Tees, $20.

Player Hater

27. Endless Forms Most Battleful by by Santiago Sanchez and Sam McNally (Threadless), $18.

Endless Forms Most Battle

28. Boom Box by Alex Solis (Threadless), $18.


29. Warrior Plumbers by Topatoco, $19.75.

Warrior Plumbers

30. Jesus Saves After Each Level by DeezTeez, $14.99.

Jesus Saves After Each Level

31. Money Power Woman by Split Reason, $18.95. The natural order and supreme truth of the universe for all aspiring males has been discovered! What life lessons will the Italian Plumber teach us next?

Money Power Woman

32. Hyrule Fantasy by The King of Games, 4,900 Yen.

Hyrule Fantasy

33. NES Controller by Stylin’ Online, $19.

NES Controller

34. I Heart Zelda by Skreened, $23.

35. Mii Love by NerdyShirts, $19.97. If Nintendo Produced Full Metal Jacket, anybody. Mii love you long time! It’s not inappropriate because we have a Wii.

Mii Love

36. Original Gangsta by Busted Tees, $20.

Original Gangsta

37. Mega Mistake by Split Reason, $18.95.

Mega Mistake

38. WiiXploded by Exploded Store, $17.


39. Mario Bros. Plumbing by 80’s Tees, $20. This Super Mario Brothers t-shirt features a distressed cream colored silk screen. The decal reads: “We’ll Clean Your Pipes Est. 1985″

Mario Bros. Plumbing

40. Change Chomp by Split Reason, $18.95. The famous sticker from the back of Obama’s laptop, re-invented for accuracy in t-shirt form. From our perspective, the original picture does not depict the likes of Pac-Man; instead, closely resembles a ball and chain that will do everything in its power to prevent the rescue of a certain princess! We’re setting the record straight.

Change Chomp

41. Power To The Mushroom by Budi Satria Kwan (Threadless), $20.

Power To The Mushroom

42. Mega Man by Stylin’ Online, $9.

Mega Man

43. The Four DX Famicon by Meat Bun, $24. These rockstars turned a humble hanafuda card company (that also dabbled in the taxi and “love hotel” business) into an 85 billion dollar empire. This shirt is printed with gold metallic ink.

The Four DX Famicon

44. Green Mushroom by Shirt City, $22.95.

Green Mushroom 1UP

45. Raccoons Are Super by Teextile, $12.

Raccoons Are Super

46. Equip cookies by Split Reason, $18.95. If only getting to that delicious batch of cookies was this easy.

Equip Cookies

47. Eat, Sleep, Nintendo by Stylin’ Online, $14.99.

Eat Sleep Nintendo

48. Symphony Castlevania by 80’s Tees, $20.

Symphony Castlevania

49. Hyrule by Stylin’ Online, $19.


50. Mario & Luigi & Peach & Bowser by NerdyShirts, $19.97. Has there ever been a more iconic cast of characters in any videogame?

Mario & Luigi & Peach & Bowser

51. Wii Death by Orange Alexander, $24. The stunning dark side has finally come to pass. Get your hands on this highly requested version of true Wii-based impalement. The rich, hand-printed two-color design is set against an evil, devious black background.

Wii Death

52. Excite Bike by The King of Games, 6,000 Yen.

Excite Bike

53. Mt. Gamemore by Split Reason, $18.95. Carved in cotton, this enduring symbol of all that is good in gaming can now be yours to wear.

Mt. Gamemore

54. 8-Bit Stickup by Psycho Reindeer, $14. All your quarter are belong to us! Wiley Wild Nessie robbed every coin-op vidya game from here to Hyrule eventually putting the entire arcade industry out of business.

8-Bit Stickup

55. Nintendo Logo Tee by Stylin’ Online, $18.

Nintendo Logo

56. Track and Field by 80’s Tees, $20.

Track and Field

57. Zap Exploded by Exploded Store, $17.

Zap Exploded

58. Mushroom by Brae Lebren (RedBubble), $26.93.


59. Gun Holster by Busted Tees, $20.

Gun Holster

60. Bullet William by Split Reason, $18.95. A sophisticated ol’ bullet chap with arms and eyeballs, infamous during the 80’s for striking fear and terror into the helpless souls of all Plumbing-kind. Artwork by Glen Brogan.

Bullet William

61. Donkey Kong by Shirt City, $22.95.

Donkey Kong

62. I’m A Player by Kosher Ham, $19.99.

I'm A Player

63. Zelda In Grass by Stylin’ Online, $19.

Zelda In Grass

64. Boo Buster Ghostbuster by NerdyShirts, $19.97. If Mario had directed Ghost Busters we’re pretty sure these would have been the crew t shirts.

Boo Buster

65. 1990 Nintendo World Championships by 80’s Tees, $20.

1990 Nintendo World Championships

66. Wii Tii by Wire & Twine, $20.

Wii Tii

67. I Have Control Issues by jamjamtees (Etsy), $14.99.

I Have Control Issues

68. Red Mushroom by Shirt City, $22.95.

Red Mushroom

69. Duck Hunter by GAMA-GO, $28.

Duck Hunter

70. Peach Castle Is Stolen by The King of Games, 5,800 Yen.

Peach Castle

71. Blow Me by Crack Smoking T-Shirts, $17.95.

Blow Me

72. Slot Machine by Split Reason, $18.95. Step right up and lose your mind! You’ll never match these suckers!

Slot Machine

73. I’m Gonna Be A Champ by Stylin’ Online, $19.

I'm Gonna Be Champ

74. Double Dragon 3 by greatbritton99 (RedBubble), $23.14.

Double Dragon

75. Mario Kart Grand Prix Champion by The King of Games, 5,500 Yen.

Mario Kart Grand Prix Champion

76. PWNED! by lindsey12 (Skreened), $23.


77. Score With The Princess by 80’s Tees, $20. This Nintendo shirt features Luigi gripping up the Princess and taking her with him.

Score With The Princess

78. Yellow Star by Shirt City, $18.95.

Yellow Star

79. Blow Me by Busted Tees, $20.

Blow Me

80. Let It Bii by Nerdy Shirts, $19.97.

Let It Bii

81. This Game Sucks by David Creighton-Pestor (Threadless), $18.

This Game Sucks

82. Da Boss by Stylin’ Online, $18.

Da Boss

83. Second Is The Best by Busted Tees, $20.

Second Is The Best

84. Super Wario Bird by Joey Knuckles (MySoti), $18.13.

Super Wario

85. Get a Life by Split Reason, $18.95. Seriously buddy, get a life, you’ll need it for the next level boss.

Get A Life

86. WiiD by mg (Skreened), $22.99.


87. Nintendo Time by darkiesould (Zazzle), $31.45.

Nintendo Time

88. Super Mario Bros. Sushi by thickblackoutline (RedBubble), $29.82. Inspired by Mario 3, Level 3, and all the swimming worlds across the series.Japanese translation: Super Mario Brothers Sushi.

Super Mario Bros. Sushi

89. Evil Mario by littleprettyprincess, $15.

Evil Mario

90. Stadium Events by The Hundreds, Exclusively Available at The Hundreds Los Angeles and San Francisco Shops.

Stadium Events

91. Oh Snap! by 80’s Tees, $20. This Super Mario Brothers shirt features the pipe-dwelling Piranha Plant, along with the tagline “Oh Snap!”

Oh Snap!

92. Dog Hunt by Split Reason, $17.95. The costs of a black shirt: $17.95. Capturing the moment that stupid laughing dog finally got shot: Priceless.

Dog Hunt

93. Duck Hunt by Stylin’ Online, $18.

Duck Hunt

94. Yeti Kong by GAMA-GO, $28.

Yeti Kong

95. Exploded Gameboy by Cosplay, £16.

Exploded Gameboy

96. Super Mario Skull by MisNopalesArt (Etsy), $17.

Super Mario Skull

97. Nintendo After School Program by Stylin’ Online, $18.

Nintendo After School Program

98. Zelda 20th Anniversary Shirt by The King of Games, 4,800 Yen.

Zelda 20th Anniversary

99. Wii-vil by Orange Alexander, $20. Although originally intended as an innocuous entertainment device, the Wii-mote has become the favorite tool of the devil. Proudly display your passion for this sinister device and the Dark Lord that unleashed it upon an unsuspecting world.


100. Stained Glass Zelda by Stylin’ Online, $25.

Stained Glass

101. Peace Mario by 80’s Tees, $24.

Peace Mario

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[UPDATE] The following shirts were part of the original list but have since been discontinued.

2. Family Tree by Olly Moss (NerdyShirts), $19.97. Once upon a time in a small Japanese village one of the most legendary video game systems was born.

Family Tree

8. Duck Huntin’ by NerdyShirts, $19.97. Keep an NES light gun packed away in case you ever come across that laughing dog again.

Duck Huntin'

12. Fossilized Friend by Split Reason, $18.95. A fossil of this value definitely needs competent security to fend off late night museum shenanigans. We only hope they have enough 1up’s to make it through the evening!

Fossilized Friend

13. Double Dribble by Homage Clothing, $28.

Double Dribble

19. Zapper by ReThink Clothing, $18.99.


20. Contra Boss by 80’s Tees, $20. This Contra t-shirt features a screen shot of a boss alien who the commandos need to battle to gain access to the fortress.

Contra Boss

34. Don’t Make Me Go Zelda On You by 80’s Tees, $20. This Nintendo shirt features some of the weapons from the hit Nintendo game Zelda.

Don't Make Me Go Zelda On You


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