Too Many Donuts + Refill … Remixed?

I can never get enough of Glennz Tees. And apparently, Robocop can’t get enough donuts. With such a wide load, he might have to pay a visit to the Celebrity Fit Club before starting work on that Robocop reboot that everyone is talking about. Interestingly enough, Glenn Jones created this piece nearly 5 years ago and it has been a popular vote getter at Glennz. Since going to print, Glenn made a few modifications to the original design. And you know what? Now I want a donut.

If you want to pick up Too Many Donuts, you can do so right now by heading to Glennz Tees and plomping down $19.95. But … imagine how many donuts you could buy with $19.95. That’s a lot of donuts. But between me and you, I’d rather have the T-Shirt. Idea: Glenn, ship this shirt with a donut so that we can wear  this donut tee and consume a donut at the same time. Never mind, that might not be a very good idea.

Too Many Donuts

Too Many Donuts

And while we’re on the topic of Glennz Tees, I though I’d show off this baby onesie that he made which is a remix of his Refill Required tee! So cool. All I need to do now is make a baby cute enough to wear this onesie!

Refill Required