Co-Tee TV Episode 62: Bird Brain, You’re History and Jack The Ripper

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Bird Brain by Erin Jessica King and review Always In The Shadows designed by Godmachine and is available at You’re History. Established in 2009 You’re History is based out of Great Britain and creates clothing based on historical characters and events that have shaped our history.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Always In The Shadows by You’re History. Pros: Tee came packaged in a black plastic package with a custom You’re History logo sticker affixed. T-Shirts were neatly wrapped in red tissue paper and sealed with a You’re History logo sticker. The T-Shirts themselves are printed on a black American Apparel tee. The tee features a custom necktag (tagless) and features the You’re History logo on the upper portion of the back of the tee as well. The front of the shirt features an amazingly massive print. This is one of the largest prints I’ve seen and it is very impressive. Design was done by popular UK based artist, Godmachine. The print is very nice, colors are vibrant and is quite soft. Cons: I am not the biggest fan of the logo print on the back, but other than that this tee from You’re History is ace. Price: £16.

You're History

You're History

You're History

You're History

Bird Brain by Erin Jessica King. Pros: If you love science, human anatomy, and or physiology than this is the tee for you! Cons: If you’re squeamish then this might not be the tee for you. Then again, it’s just science! Price: $12.

Bird Brain by Erin Jessica King

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