Akumu Ink

If big, bold designs are your thing then definitely do yourself a favor and check out Akumu Ink. They’ve got some awesome designs infused with elements of horror and mystery. Some of the designs are a bit Tim Burton-ish, which I can appreciate considering I am a fan of Burton’s work.

My favorite designs from Akumu Ink have got to be Starved and The Investigation. Starved reminds me a bit of the classic Hitchcock movie from 1963, The Birds. And The Investigation looks like it was inspired a tad bit by the tales of Sherlock Holmes. Both are solid T-Shirt choices.

The shirts shown here are priced at $21.99 and are printed on American Apparel tees. They also have hoodies and v-necks available for sale.

Starved Guys

The Investigation Guys

The Ripper