Weekly Recap and Linkology | May 7, 2010

This weeks weekly recap comes to you two days late because unfortunately my MacBook Pro had to go in for some minor hardware surgery. It needed a new trackpad. Tear. But it’s back in my hands and at 100% and I couldn’t be happier. BTW, if there are any mothers that read this blog: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Now, back to the recap!

Around This Blog:

This week I featured the new and up-and-coming brand, Regan Smith Clarke. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, you can do so right now! Clarke’s unique, vintage, art deco style will make you want to reach deep down into your pockets. Trust me, it’s good stuff.

My buddy Bunny Dojo recently submitted his first Threadless design. Fun side note: he actually designed the logo for this blog and my site for beverage enthusiasts, Call Me Thirty. He’s also quite adept at DVD and Blu-ray packaging design. Let’s hope we see more from Mr. Dojo in the form of T-Shirt designs! Two more days left to vote!

Here’s Looking At You, Kid. - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Threadless in conjunction with Gilt Man released some very neat (albeit expensive limited edition designs. Gilt Man is invite only and I’ve got invites that you can use.

Gilt Man

I finally saw Iron Man. Not sure why all the hate for this film. I thought it was pretty freakin’ awesome. Needless to say, if you’re not a physicist and don’t have the fat wallet of a billionaire, you can always just pick up this shirt from NerdyShirts.

Iron Man 2 T-Shirt

T-Shirt Blogging Friends:

Did you guys spot the new Lady Gaga inspired Lady Pugaga tee from Teefury? Based on Lady Gaga’s behavior on American Idol this past week, it looks like she’s turning all Madonna diva-ish a little too early in her career. Multiple platinum albums will make you a diva, Gaga. A few radio hits, not so much. Plus, that Alejandro song really sucks. Via Loving This Tee.

Lady Gaga Pug Teefury

Reminder: Don’t forget to pick up your official Hide Your Arms logo tee! 20 bones and you get a free bag of Haribo to boot! Via Hide Your Arms.

Hide Your Arms Logo Tee

I wonder why no one thought of this earlier. It’s the college-ruled T-Shirt. The shirt is officially called E For Effort and is from Artware (just in case you were wondering). You know, because everyone knows a parody of paper. Via Fashionably Geek.


Other Coty Links:

Over at SwipeTap I reviewed the Apple iPad Case and a nifty little photography filter app for the iPad called CameraBag.

Someone decided to install his iPad into one of his kitchen cabinets. Pretty cool. Via SwipeTap.

Say hello to the coolest little USB drive – it’s the USB Bottle Opener! Via Tumblr Trends.

USB Bottle Opener

This should be a T-Shirt because it should be. Via Tumblr Trends.


Threadless News:

My Threadless pick of the week is Star Sabers by Tal Zubalsky because it is too cute for words. Do you think Lucas et al. will send a cease and desist?

Star Sabers