A Taste of New Pyknic Gear

The Chef has released some new Pyknic tees, and guess what, this is just a “small collection” before the big summer line drops! Pretty neat. Of the notables include a Peta2 X Pyknic collaboration tee featuring Chef Barski, one of the Pyknic mascots. Peta2 is sort of an alternative animal rights groups that started in 2002 and grew from PETA.

Another thing you’ll notice is a lot of new Hippo logo tees in place of the classic Pyknic basket, knife and fork logo tees. I don’t think Pyknic is changing their logo by any means – instead I think they are simply expanding the use of regular characters in their line. My guess is that we’ll be seeing a lot more of the hippo and Chef Barski.

The shirts are priced from $20 to $26.98 and are available now for sale at Pyknic.

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Peta2 Collaboration T-Shirt