108 LOST T-Shirts To Celebrate The End Including 20 You Can’t Buy

Oh you rabid LOST fans. Our favorite TV Show is coming to an end and soon all of our questions will be answered (or will they). Many of you enjoyed my original list of 101 LOST T-Shirts for the Ultimate LOST Fanatic. I received such an overwhelming response with that post that I decided to do a follow up list – it’s LOST T-Shirts Part 2!

This time, I mix things up. Along with some of the T-Shirts that I missed on the original list, I’ve also got a couple of out-of-print LOST T-Shirts. You can never have these shirts, unless of course you beg the maker to do a reprint. I’ve also scoured the net for some LOST Concept Tees, or tees that have never, ever, been printed on a T-Shirt (some will make you drool).

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108 Lost T-Shirts, Tees, Shirts, T's

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a LOST related shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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8 Out-of-Print LOST T-Shirts

1. Just Don’t Tell Him What He Can’t Do by Olly Moss. This Olly Moss T-Shirt is based on his poster, “Locke’s Secret” which featured the subtitle “Just Don’t Tell Him What He Can’t Do…” The shirt was only made available at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles this past Christmas Eve. Via SlashFilm.

Just Don't Tell Him What He Can't Do

2. Wrong Island by Julia Sonmi Heglund. This Gillagan’s Island / Lost mashup tee was available for just 24 hours at TeeFury. It features the Skipper and Gilligan, alongside the Hatch and the Smoke Monter from LOST.

Wrong Island Teefury LOST

3. Smoke Buster by Toni Garcia. What’s the best way to capture the Smoke Monster? Well, you use a vacuum cleaner of course! This shirt was available for 24 hours at RIPT Apparel.


4. 922044:16 by Jared Stumpenhorst.


5. ABAETERNO by M. Brady Clark. This one is named after a season 6 episode, Ab Aeterno. Doesn’t it look like an official movie poster … for LOST?!


6. Desmond’s Replacement by Naolito. Via The ODI.

Desmond's Replacement

7. Shawarma Initiative by Monkey X. Via Spanky Stokes.


8. Live Together or Die Alone by CoreyMV for Patent Pending.

Live Together Die Alone

12 LOST Concept Tees

9. Explore by BY SKIROCHESTER (Shirt.Woot Submission).


10. Smoke Machine by Infinity Wave.

Smoke Monster

11. The Countdown by Tan Nuyen.

The Countdown by Tan Nuyen

12. Dharma Initiative Jumpsuit by thecocou (Threadless Submission).

Dharma Initiative Jumpsuit

13. Live Together or Die Alone by Wheels.

Live Together Die Alone

14. Mega Lotto Jackpot by Greg Abbott.

Lost Mega Lotto Jackpot by Greg Abbott

15. Turbulence by Jared Stumpenhorst (Threadless Submission).


16. Mindless by Jared Stumpenhorst (Threadless Submission).


17. Blue Screen of Lost by Yimbo (Threadless Submission).

Blue Screen of Lost

18. Lost Garden by Brightwood (Threadless Submission).

Lost Garden

19. We Are All Lost by Darth Fuer (Threadless Submission).

We Are All Lost

20. Hurley Gets Takeout by Mr. Davenport.

Hurley Gets Takeout

66 LOST T-Shirts For You To BUY!

Check these 5 Lost inspired T-Shirts by New York based boutique shop, BBlessing:

21. Elizabeth by BBlessing, $65.


22. An Other Life by BBlessing, $65.

An Other Life

23. Black Vibrations by BBlessing, $65.

Black Vibrations

24. Eternal Horizon by BBlessing, $65.

Eternal Horizon

25. Black Vibrations by BBlessing, $65.

Black Vibrations

26. 108 Objects From Flight 815 by Nathan W. Pyle (Threadless), $18.

108 Objects From Flight 815

27. Smokebuster by Naolito (Threadless).


28. Smokey The Lost Bear by WinterArtwork, $23.94. This TeeFury shirt parodies the old Smokey The Bear advertisements.

Only You Can Protect The Island

29. WWJLD by Jimiyo, $23.94. Forget about Jesus. What Would John Locke Do is the question that matters most. Another TeeFury design. WWJLD was available only for 24 hours at Teefury … but it is available once again at Jimiyo’s RedBubble shop. Via Lost Blog.


30. Dude by Jimiyo, $23.94. Dude was available only for 24 hours at Teefury … but it is available once again at Jimiyo’s RedBubble shop.

DUDE Hurley Jimiyo LOST

31. Constant by Jimiyo, $23.94.


32. itbitme by Martin Bregman (MySoti), $20.

It Bit Me

33. Lend Yourself A Hand by drawsgood (RedBubble), $34.91.

Lend Yourself A Hand

34. Push Button, Save The World by gerard48 (RedBubble), $22.94.

Push Button, Save The World

35. Lost Numbers by MikaBell (RedBubble), $23.94.

Lost Numbers

36. LOST by Jen Cannella (RedBubble), $23.94.


37. I Heart My Shih-Tzu by W1ckerman (RedBubble), $23.94.

I HEart My Shih-Tzu

38. Kate, We Have To Go Back by Skreened, $25.99.

Kate We Have To Go Back

39. Lapidus Air Island Tours by Skreened, $19.99.

Lapidus Air Island Tours

40. The Dharma Initiative by My Icon Art and Clothing, £13.99.

The Dharma Initiative

41. Lost Girl by Qim (MySoti), $20.99.

Lost Girl

42. WAAAAAAALT by Doniouz (MySoti), $19.99.


43. Fuck The Smoke Monster by Doniouz (MySoti), $19.99.

Fuck The Smoke Monster

44. Drive Shaft by Busted Tees, $20.

Drive Shaft

45. John Locke as Mr. Clean by niqoro, $13.99.

John Locke as Mr. Clean

46. I Always Have A Plan by Don Robot (Spreadshirt), $19.90.

I Always Have A Plan

47. >:Dad by ShirtCity, $19.95.


48. 108 by ShirtCity, $22.95.


49. John Survive Kit by ShirtCity, $19.95.

John Survive Kit

50. Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do

51. WTF? by ShirtCity, $19.95.


52. Don’t Fuck With John Locke by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Don't Fuck With John Locke

53. Polar Bear by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Polar Bear

54. Guns Don’t Kill People Michael Kills People by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Gun's Don't Kill People

55. The Others – People Just Like You And Me by ShirtCity, $19.95.

The Others

56. Not Penny’s Boat by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Not Penny's Boat

57. Dharma by ShirtCity, $19.95.


Earlier this year, CafePress held a LOST T-Shirt design contest. The winner won a trip for two to Hawaii – how lucky! Here are a few of the CafePress designs that didn’t make the original 101 list.

58. Candidate by GritFX (CafePress), $18.99.


59. The Black Rock by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

The Black Rock

60. Namaste by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.


61. What Lies In The Shadow of the Statue by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

What Lies In The Shadow

62. Dharma Initiative – Supply Drop by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

Dharma Supply Drop

63. James Ford: The Man From Tallahasse by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

James Ford

64. No Metal by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

No Metal

65. Time Travel Is A Trip by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

Time Travel Is A Trip

66. The Others: It’s Their Island by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

The Others

67. Whatever Happened, Happened by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

Whatever Happened, Happened

68. You’re Not Dharma Material by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

You're Not Dharma Material

69. Good Vibrations by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

Good Vibrations

70. Dharma Bears Ice Hockey by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

Dharma Bears Ice Hockey

71. The Purge by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

The Purge

72. Penny’s Boat by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

Penny's Boat

73. Destination Tunisia by GritFX (CafePress), $19.99.

Destination Tunisia

74. Ezra, The Dharma Shark and What He’s Eaten by Matt Is Lost (CafePress), $23.99.

Dharma Shark

75. Team Jacob by Mike Mitchell for Tyson/Givens, $25.

Team Jacon

76. Locke Honor by Marky of Glamour Kills for Tyson/Givens, $25.

Locke Honor

77. Trust Me by Marky of Glamour Kills for Tyson/Givens, $25.

Trust Me Ben Linus

78. Real Others Wear Eyeliner by Cafepress, $24.

Real Others Wear Eyeliner

79. Jacob Loves Me by Cafepress, $24.

Jacob Loves Me

80. Others’ Side by Cafepress, $10.99.

Others' Side

81. Yummy Fish Biscuits by Detour Designables (CafePress), $16.99.

Yummy Fish Biscuit

82. Desmond Is My Constant by Detour Designables (CafePress), $22.99.

Desmond Is My Constant

83. Claire Is The New Rousseau by Detour Designables (CafePress), $22.99.

Claire Is The New Rousseau

84. Geronimo Jackson by Detour Designables(CafePress), $22.99.

Geronimo Jackson

85. Dharmaville 1977 by Detour Designables (CafePress), $22.99.


86. I’m So Lost by Detour Designables (CafePress), $22.99.

I'm So Lost

6 Dharma Tees by Hobotrashcan

87. HTC Logo Tee by Hobotrashcan (Spreadshirt), $27.

HTC Logo

88. Cue The Thonk by Hobotrashcan (Spreadshirt), $24.

Cue The Thonk

89. You’re My First Choice, Juliet! by Hobotrashcan (Spreadshirt), $24.

You're My Fist Choice Juliet

90. Oh Look, Kate’s Been Taken Hostage Again by Hobotrashcan (Spreadshirt), $24.

Oh Look Kate's Been Taken Hostage Again

91. I’m Into Temporal Shenanigans by Hobotrashcan (Spreadshirt), $24.

I'm Into Temporal Shenanigans

92. Locke It Up by Hobotrashcan (Spreadshirt), $24.

Locke It Up

4 Lost Finale Party T-Shirts

93. Lostie: 2004-2010 by GritFX (CafePress), $13.99.


94. I Watched Lost For 6 Years… by GritFX (CafePress), $13.99.

I Watched Lost for 6 Years

95. Finale Party by GritFX (CafePress), $13.99.

I Passed Out at the Lot Finale Party

96. 5-23-10 by Spreadshirt, $23.99.


12 Official LOST T-Shirts

97. Smoke Monster by ABC, $24.95.

Smoke Monster

98. Mr. Clucks by ABC, $24.95.

Mr. Clucks

99. I’ve Been Lost for 6 Seasons by ABC, $24.95.

I've Been Lost for 6 Seasons

100. Oceanic Airlines by ABC, $24.95.

Oceanic Airlines

101. Black Rock by ABC, $24.95.

Black Rock

102. Lost Names by ABC, $24.95.

Lost Names

103. 16-Jarrah by ABC, $24.95.


104. 4-Locke by ABC, $24.95.


105. 8-Reyes by ABC, $24.95.


106. 15-Ford by ABC, $24.95.


107. 23-Shephard by ABC, $24.95.


108. 42-Kwon by ABC, $24.95.


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If you missed my original LOST list, be sure to check out 101 LOST T-Shirts for the Ultimate LOST Fanatic!

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  1. ZoopThePrimate says

    Dude! Pick me! I wear a “Large.” Meeting up with friends in Orlando to watch the Lost Finalé!

  2. says

    As for some of those “unavailable” ones, you can find some of the ones from TeeFury here: http://teetrade.org/ People are looking to buy/sell/trade shirts they don’t want and I’ve seen a few copies of the Gilligan’s Island, Dharma polar bear, island/plane one, and others.

  3. says

    Anna In Indiana, that’s an excellent tip! I did manage to find the DUDE shirt from Teefury on there. Only thing is you need to rely on luck and just cross your fingers that they have the design your looking for and your size!

  4. says

    Another terrific list!! So you buckled under the pressure and put together another post… LOSTies are going to kiss your feet :)

    Thanks for including GritFX on the list!!

  5. Dharmaniac says

    The Benjamin Linus one (number 46) it’s not the only Lost t-shirt from ‘Don Robot’. They have much more. I say this because I have the Desmond one from this shop and its AMAZING:

    Desmond: http://donrobot.spreadshirt.com/be-my-constant-brotha-I10115118
    Locke: http://donrobot.spreadshirt.com/everything-happens-for-a-reason-I10103284
    Jack: http://donrobot.spreadshirt.com/live-together-die-alone-I10103281
    Hurley: http://donrobot.spreadshirt.com/bad-numbers-dude-I10103280


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