Lost Season 6 Premier T-Shirt Contest Giveaway … Again!

Last February I held a contest in which I gave away 4 exclusive LOST Season 6 T-Shirts. The T-Shirts were only available to people who attended the Season 6 premier on the beach in Waikiki. Luckily, I was there and I snagged more than a few. In fact, I have a couple left. Two of them to be exact, one large and one medium. And you can win them!

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Here’s the deal. You want one of these exclusive LOST: The Final Season T-Shirts? Just 1) tell whether you want the medium or the large shirt and 2) leave a LOST Comment either here on this blog post or on the Co-Tee TV Facebook Fan Page. Your LOST comment can be anything, including your favorite character from the show, favorite episode, favorite scene or LOST moment, it can be anything LOST related. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win one of two exclusive LOST tees that were only available at the premier on the beach in Waikiki! Awesome!

You can leave your comment entries in two places. If you leave a comment in both then you’ll receive TWO entries in the drawing. Leave a comment: 1. Here on this post, 2. on the Co-Tee TV Facebook Fan Page! You can only leave one comment entry at each place. So, if you want to increase your chance to win the prize, you have to leave your comment at both places! Contest ends on Monday, May 24 at 11:59 pm Hawaii time. Winners will be announced later that week.

There will be 2 winners. One person will take home the large shirt and the other will snag the medium shirt.


LOST Contest

Lost Contest

LOST Contest


  1. ZoopThePrimate says

    I’m a primate. I am still learning how to surf the web. Found the right page this time. Dude! Pick me! I wear a “Large.” Meeting up with friends from Animal Kingdom in Orlando to watch the Lost Finalé!

  2. KWAME-FLIP says

    I’m a Large…
    LOST is one of my favourite shows, John Locke is a beast!!!

  3. rtsladek says


    this sums up the show for me….Lost with it, lost without it. I’m as excited as I am sad for the series finale, but bring it on! (and the free shirts)

  4. TheeJayTee says


    Got my parents to watch LOST. Now they are addicted. They should be done with seasons 1-5 and most of 6 before the finale! LOST is awesome and I’ll be sad to see it go.

  5. eyeshine99 says


    Love Jack and John. They have both come full circle in this series and it’s been quite a ride. BEST. SHOW. EVER.

  6. says

    Hi Dear friend! You are from Hawaii!?? Really! I am very glad to find your great web page! My favorite lost characters is Hurley! I like his-“Dude”! :)
    I want to wish to all who will participate in this wonderful give away —BIG GOODLUCK!!!

  7. sophie says


    desmond and penneh forevz!!! the constant is probably my favorite episode…

  8. says

    There are so many wow moments for me like the reveal of the hatch. the underwater lost island, jon locke’s father suddenly appearing on the island. But my favorite episode was the constant, it really blew me away.

  9. jhecht says

    I am so addicted to LOST! I have never followed and been as involved in a TV series as I am with LOST. I would be soooo
    excited to get that medium Tshirt! (or even the large)!
    John Locke rocks!

  10. Kira says

    And favorite scenes? Desmond and Penny’s phone call in the Constant; Charlie’s beautiful death in Through the Looking Glass; the revelation of the flash forward at the end of Season 3 – We have to go back, Kate!!; and Jack stepping up to become the new protector of the island. Chills…

  11. rileybird95 says

    I’m a medium. :)
    Wow. Lost is definitely my favorite show, and I will definitely cry at the finale. It’s not often that a show comes along where you really connect with the characters, but Lost is one of those shows. My favorite characters are Charlie, Desmond and Daniel Faraday, so needless to say “Happily Ever After” was my favorite episode, probably ever. The connections between everyone were brilliant. :D

  12. mshi says

    Guys, I feel like passing out everytime I watch LOST. It’s that good. (medium porfavor) <3

  13. caiterot says

    “Destiny is a fickle bitch” Ben is back! Nice to see he found his balls; he seemed to have misplaced them somewhere around the start of season 6. Totally digging puppet master Desmond as well. Jack used to frustrate the hell out of me, but he has completely redeemed himself over the past two seasons.

    But… John Locke is hands down the Best. Character. Ever.
    Terry O’Quinn is indescribable.

    Favorite episodes were the Locke, Ben, and Desmond – centrics. And I’m going to miss Sawyer’s nicknames.


  14. says

    I’ll go with the medium.
    As for Lost related stuff … I’m split between Ben and Desmond as my favorite character. I love to hate and hate to love Ben because he is so Machiavellian. And as for Desmond, who doesn’t enjoy a nice Scottish accent?

  15. Steverino says


    Whatever happened to the magic box that grants your wishes? Do I miss the episode where the explain something about what is going on?

  16. Tycho Brahe says

    Although many of the answers I was looking for were not answered, my emotional investment in the show paid off big time. I thank the writers for giving us a happy ending.

    Oh, and I’m a large.

  17. cymusician says

    Dude, mixed feelings about the finale aside, what a great run that was! Truly my all-time favorite show. Thanks for the awesome contest, too!

  18. Fae says

    i miss lost already! this will help me remember!
    i love that this show made you think.
    4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42! 4ever…
    “See ya in another life”