Write A Haiku and Win The LOST Themed Constant T-Shirt from TeeFury

This contest will only last for the next 5 hours and will officially end at 5pm Hawaii time (11pm EST and 8pm PST). All you need to do is

1. Write a LOST themed haiku about anything LOST related. Not sure what a haiku is? It’s three line Japanese poetry and has a syllable count of 5, 7, 5. For instance:

Smoke Monster Is black.
Not a fan of mean monster.
Someone kill fake Locke.

2. Mention your T-Shirt size and whether you want a male or female fitted T-Shirt!

Winner(s) will receive today’s Teefury tee (Constant) which just so happens to be a LOST themed T-Shirt! I say Winner(s) because I’m not sure how many I’ll be giving away (1 will be given away for sure). It’ll depend on how many awesome entries we get! Also, don’t forget to mention your t-shirt size in your comment!

Leave your Haikus in the comments section of this post for your chance to WIN CONSTANT from TeeFury!

Lost Constant

LOST Constant


  1. says

    Hey Ace, great Haiku! Don’t forget to mention your T-Shirt size just in case you win!

    Everyone else, please mention your T-Shirt size and whether you want a tee sized for a male or female!!!

  2. joelsabugo says

    Mystical light beams
    One with no name emerges
    Cloudy intentions

    Male, large

  3. VoxRobotica says

    Hurley loves Ranch Dip
    And Mr. Clucks as Well
    Island Diet FAIL.

    Male, 2X

  4. VoxRobotica says

    Candidates Abound
    Names Crossed Out on the Cave Wall
    Where is Desmond Hume?

  5. pawel_z_wrocka says

    The first one was about the tee size mostly ;-), now for something more serious:

    Desmond to Daniel
    Like doc Emmett to Marty
    Found time travelling

    (but it’s still men’s M).

  6. VoxRobotica says

    Jack Wants to Fix You
    Oh, Stubborn Sideways John Locke
    You’re A Candidate.

    Male 2X

  7. Ace says

    Thanks Coty!

    a hidden island
    trying to be lost and found
    an uncertain fate

    Men’s Large

  8. VoxRobotica says

    Claire’s a Crazy Mom
    Just like our French Friend Rousseau
    and Jacob’s “Mother”.

    Male, 2X

  9. VoxRobotica says

    I need to correct one – I missed a syllable!

    Hurley loves Ranch Dip
    And Mr. Clucks food as well.
    Island Diet Fail.

    Male 2X

  10. Max says

    Very near The End
    and though it only ends once,
    LOST remains Constant

    Men’s XL
    Sorry for the repost :-/

  11. SFrench says

    *spoiler alert*

    Jin and Sun are killed
    right after reuniting.
    Hand me some tissues. ;_;

    Men’s XL

  12. pawel_z_wrocka says

    And commenting on the previous episode:

    Smokey Men in Black
    Two mothers gave him no name
    Now I pity him

    Still, Men’s M.

  13. NotPenny'sBoat says

    Six seasons later,
    how will I spend my Tuesdays
    without the Losties?

    (I’m female, but small male fit please.)

  14. pawel_z_wrocka says

    And the shirt again:

    While time traveling
    I much prefer DeLoreans
    To messy nose bleeds

    Men’s M.

  15. pawel_z_wrocka says

    The last episode really gave little answers:

    Behind Ben – Richard
    Behind Richard stood Jacob
    Who started it all?

    Men’s M.

  16. pawel_z_wrocka says

    And to sum it all up:

    Flux capacitors
    Nose bleeds and human constants
    Time travel’s scary

    For the last time, men’s M :-). It’s 2:30 A.M. here. So good night!

  17. kejongra says

    Jacob and his bro
    Yin and yang, one good, one bad,
    Just one will prevail

    Mens XL (sorry for repost)

  18. DoctorF says

    Plane crashed, people died
    Smoke monster came, people died
    When Lost ends, fans die

    Men’s M

  19. KWar says

    This show is absurd
    Many questions unanswered
    Want to shoot the screen

    Men’s M

  20. cul-de-zack says

    “Waaaaaaaalt! Waaaaaalt! Waaaaaaaalt! Waaaaaalt! Waaaaaaaalt!”

    Now take a deep breath, Michael.

    “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!”

    Men’s M

  21. Classic Schems says

    “We have to go back,”
    Doctor said to Fugitive.
    (His beard was real crazy.)

  22. Classic Schems says

    “We have to go back,”
    Doctor said to Fugitive.
    (His beard was real crazy.)

    Male, Medium (forgot to include it)

  23. L in Hawaii says

    The black pillar of smoke rose.
    The pilot was gone.

    men’s medium

  24. Dr. Dewald says

    When the fuck are we?
    Looks like Oahu, but not.
    I don’t trust bad Locke.

    Medium anything.

  25. Scott G. says

    Jiggawatts. Push the button
    Let’s go back…in time.

    Men’s XL