Introducing The iTee

First of all, no, this is not a joke product. It is a 100% real bonafide product that is available for sale. And it’s called the iTee. That’s right, the iTee. The iTee comes in either white or black and is 100% designed and made in Australia. What sets the iTee apart from other T-Shirts? Well, it’s constructed in such a way that it provides a pouch for you to safely house your iPad in. That’s right, you too can be like Kangaroo-like.

The iTee features reinforced padded pouches which are comfortable and almost invisible. The iTee was developed with the digital lifestyle of Apple lovers in mind.

Now I know you’re dying to know how much the iTee will cost you. The iTee is priced at $44.96 AUD (approximately $37 US) and is available now from iClothing.

Again, this is a real product.

The iTee


  1. says

    It would be interesting if, instead of a regular pocket, there was a transparent window so you could play movies and such on your belly and get your inner Teletubby/Carebear flowing.

    Of course, either way it’s hard to imagine someone wearing that, especially if their body shape doesn’t allow for the iPad to be perfectly vertical.