Peace Panda

I love this T-Shirt. I love the design, I love the message and I love how the black and white elements pop on top of the red T-Shirt.

I discovered Peace Panda from Concrete Rocket while checking out recent comments left on my blog. I almost always click out to the commenters website if they link to it and in this case, I clicked out, found this shirt, fell in love and decided to post! This should give you guys some incentive to leave a few comments here and there, especially if you’ve got T-Shirts that need promoting!

Peace is the only battle worth waging. ~Albert Camus

Peace Panda is available now from Concrete Rocket for $21. It is a reprint, so if you like it then be sure to pick it up sooner rather than later. I’m betting that this shirt will sell out quickly.

Peace Panda

Peace Panda

Peace Panda

Johnny Cupcakes Raids Thailand Copy Cat

Vantage Eternal Shop in Bangkok, Thailand has been doing a very bad thing. They have been selling counterfeit Johnny Cupcakes goods. With the cooperation of the Thailand authorities and of course a good trademark lawyer, Mr. Cupcakes was able to have the illegal goods confiscated.

“Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I say that it’s the sincerest form of getting punched in the face. Or the sincerest form of asking for a field trip to court. Every day is a battle. Seriously, every day. Today we won a big one. Bangkok, Thailand. I was informed by quite a few Johnny Cupcakes customers that this store was carrying hundreds of fake Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts. We even got this person kicked off of eBay for selling fakes. Well well… their store was just raided by police, over 400 t-shirts were confiscated, and the owner was arrested. He’ll be going to court shortly.”

Of even more interest to me is the photo of the “Infringer’s Board” (see below for photo) that Johnny posted. This is a white board that features brands who have caused intellectual property damage from around the world. The list includes:

  • Urban Outfitters
  • Hot Topic
  • Billabong
  • Pastry
  • Kohls
  • Random Bakeries
  • Various Online Stores
  • Stussy (iPhone Packaging)
  • Thailand
  • Korea (Ku Sung Bum, Koo Sung Bum, Benny Frying Pan)
  • Stockhold
  • Malaysia (Padini)

There are some big names on that list.

Johnny Cupcakes Raid

Johnny Cupcakes Thailand Raid

Johnny Cupcakes Thailand Raid

Johnny Cupcakes Thailand Raid

Johnny Cupcakes Infringemers Board

Co-Tee TV Episode 70: Guilty Pleasures, Fur Face Boy and Whip It

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Guilty Pleasures by Wotto for Tilteed and review Whip It by Fur Face Boy, a brand founded by Ha Mai and based out of Dallas, Texas. Fur Face Boy is a A highly attentive to detail T-shirt brand representing the passion of its founder, today’s youth culture and all of the quirkiness in-between!

Fur Face Boy sent me an insane amount of T-Shirts from their Series 3 Line. I will be featuring the shirts throughout Co-Tee TV Episodes 70-79 so definitely keep an eye out for even more Fur Face Boy in the coming weeks!

You can also watch this episode on Vimeo, Viddler, YouTube, and download and sync all episodes to your iPod or iPhone by subscribing for free to Co-Tee TV in the iTunes Store.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Whip It by Fur Face Boy. Pros: One of the best attributes of the Fur Face Boy brans is its impeccable attention to detail. Everything about Fur Face Boy is customized, from the packaging to the T-Shirt to the included goodies. The shirts came packaged in a shoe box sized box that was customized with my name screen printed on (how awesome is that) and also included were a Fur Face Boy poster, lookbook and a CD press kit. The T-Shirt reviewed, Whip It, pays homage to the classic 80’s group, Devo. It features the quirky red hat made popular by Devo. The design is printed on a Sunshine American Apparel tee and the print it self is very soft, especially for such a large print. The T-Shirt features a custom neck tag and a professional hangtag as well. On the lower left seam of the T-Shirt you will find a custom tag featuring the classic Fur Face Boy tag. Fur Face Boy is also screen printed on the left arm sleeve of the T-Shirt. You can definitely taste Ha Mai’s passion with each of his T-Shirts. Cons: Cons? Are you kidding me? Other than the aggressive pricing,  I love everything about this T-Shirt and I love the brand even more. Is Fur Face Boy the next Johnny Cupcakes? It might be too early to say, but I can tell you that Ha Mai and Fur Face Boy is steam rolling toward that direction. Fur Face Boy is awesome. Price: $32.

Fur Face Boy Custom Box

Fur Face Boy Custom Label

Fur Face Boy Custom Press Packet

Fur Face Boy Whip It

Fur Face Boy Neck Tag

Fur Face Boy Inside Neck Tag

Fur Face Boy Seam Tag Label

Fur Face Boy

Guilty Pleasures by Wotto for Tilteed. Wotto’s popular Guilty Pleasures design was ranked as the number 1 Tilteed tee of 2009. If there is one Wotto Tilteed you should consider buying, this would probably be it! Price: $18, use the coupon code TILTCOTY at checkout for an extra $2 off your order.

Guilty Pleasures Wotto Tilteed

Also mentioned in this episode:


Craig Watkins aka Wotto

The Story of Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy Series I and Series II

Devo Whip It Video

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Cute microbes on sale

Regan Smith Clarke X Cavata Clothing Co. Collaboration Tee

In Episode 63 of Co-Tee TV I raved about how I loved Regan Smith Clarke. His brand had a throwback style that was all his own. Since then, RSC has teamed up with fellow Bostonian, Lori Kirk of Cavata Clothing to deliver the first (of hopefully many) RSC X CAVATA Collaboration T-Shirts.

The shirt design is definitely closer in style to Regan Smith Clarke’s line than it is to Cavata. The creme colored American Apparel T-Shirt is very specific, featuring the names of both brands on the front of the tee as well as the date of release (June 2010) and the price of the T-Shirt. It will be interesting  to see how such a specific (but very well designed) shirt does with shoppers that are not hardcore RSC and/or Cavata Clothing fans.

The Regan Smith Clarke X Cavata Clothing Co. Collaboration Tee is available now at both the Regan Smith Clarke and Cavata Clothing online stores for $25. As a bonus, the first 30 orders will receive a free print of the design and free shipping. And if you need even more incentive to buy this tee, 20% of all proceeds will go to support music and art programs in public schools.




101 T-Shirts For Social Media Gurus, Facebook Fans and Twitter Addicts

Are you a social media guru? Are you on Facebook 24/7 connecting with everyone humanly possible? Have you leveraged Twitter for all that it is worth? If so, then the following list of 101 T-Shirts for Social Media Gurus, Facebook Fanatics and Twitter Addicts may be of interest to you. At the very least, it will help you prepare your wardrobe for the next über geeky social media or tech heavy conference, because we all know that wherever the geeks go, so do the geeky T-Shirts.

101 Social Media Shirts

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a Social Media related shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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1. You Like This by NerdyShirts, $19.95.

You Like This

2. I’m The Mayor of Your Mom on FourSquare by Rizzo Tees, $16.

I'm The Mayor of Your Mom on Foursquare

3. Dislike by Busted Tees, $16.99.


4. Nice To Tweet You by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Nice To Tweet You

5. The Coupons by Chop Shop, $20.

The Coupons

6. I Like Wikipedia by Headline Shirts, $15.

I Like Wikipedia

7. d @skywalker by Cathie Tranent (RedBubble), $23.94.

Skywalker DM

8. I’m Not A Blogger I Just Tweet A Lot by Twitter Tees by Threadless, $18.

I'm Not A Blogger I Just Tweet A Lot

9. #ThisShirt by Busted Tees, $10.


10. Digg & Reddit & Stumbleupon & by NerdyShirts, $19.95.

Digg & Reddit & Stumbleupon &

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Weekly Recap and Linkology | June 27, 2010

Around This Blog:

Lot’s of exciting stuff around this blog this week, including two new episodes of Co-Tee TV! In Episode 68 I featured Dead Bury Dead and in Episode 69 I featured Stay Vocal.

This past week was the first for what will hopefully be many more Diary of a T-Shirt Intern columns by our friend Bo of Loving This Tee! Some of you may know that Bo is the new intern at Tilteed and she’ll be documenting her adventures as an intern her every week!

Bo Screen Printing

Did you see the new goods from GAMA-GO released this past week? How about the latest batch of Johnny Cupcakes goodness?

Tower de Force

Soup Can

T-Shirt Blogging Friends:

Have you voted for yet over at I’m currently ranked #4 so please help me out by giving a vote of 5 stars! Virtual hugs, kisses and high fives will be dispersed appropriately!

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I love Grab Bags! This time, Seibei gets in on the Grab Bag ($13) action! Pick up great tees and get free stuff thrown in with your order! I love a good mystery. Via Seibei

Seibei Grab Bag

So I hear this Vuvuzela thing is causing an annoyance at the World Cup. Via Pop Culture Tees.


Another nice find from Andy of Hide Your Arms. I love the strip of yellow and simple typography. Via Hide Your Arms.


Our friend Micah from ATShirtBlog recently redesigned his blog – it looks sexy and runs completely on Posterous. While there, I spotted this very straight forward shirt – love it! Via ATShirtBlog.

Some People Are Gay. Get Over It.

Other Coty Links:

Watch as this puppet learns how to use the iPhone 4 FaceTime technology … with an Apple Employee on the other end of the phone call. Via SwipeTap.

The Japanese always do things with an extra 25% of cool. Via TumblrTrends.

For those of you planning for a day of thievery, mischief, and random violations of the law. It’s the Mugshot Shirt from Despair, Inc. Via FailShirt.

The Mugshot T-Shirt

Threadless News:

This weeks Threadless Pick of The Week goes to the very edgy, by Threadless standards anyway, Estocde by Victor Calahan.

Estocade? by victor calahan

Estocade? by victor calahan

If you enjoyed the 76 Threadless Designs from Sketch To Print post then you will definitely be interested to know that the Threadless community has just released a Sketchbook containing classic Threadless designs.


New Batch of Johnny Cupcakes Goods

Johnny Cupcakes just released a new batch of tees, and I have to say that this might be one of my favorite releases. The Warhol inspired Soup Can T-Shirt immediately caught my attention and Legalize Cupcakes once again infuses an old school illustration style that we’ve become accustomed to with Johnny Cupcakes. A plaid heavy aqua version of the classic crossbones design rounds out my favorites from this release batch.

Also of note is the Johnny Cupcakes Crossbones Umbrella. I’m in the market for a new umbrella and this just might be it.

The new tees are priced at $35.99 a piece with the new Make Cupcakes Not War colorway priced at $38.99. You can snag the fancy Johnny Cupcakes Umbrella for $29.99.


Legalize Cupcakes

Gingham Aqua Crossbones

Soup Can

Johnny Cupcakes Umbrella


The Threadless Sketchbook

If you enjoyed the 76 Threadless Designs from Sketch To Print post then you will definitely be interested to know that the Threadless community has just released a Sketchbook containing classic Threadless designs. I say “Threadless community” because this really is a collaborative project that started with the Threadless blogging community. Here’s the full story:

It all started when MurrayMullet (Phil Jones) posted a blog on the Threadless forum, asking alumni for sketches of their printed designs. To quote the blog, “They can be just the idea, initial attempt or napkin drawings.”

The blog blew up and people were posting “like crazy and sh!t,” says speedyjvw (Joe Van Wetering). In fact, it got so bonkers, another Threadless dood, Ian Lieno thought it would be cool to compile all of this into a book, with ALL of the funds going towards Bloggerraiser. What’s Bloggerraiser? Well, for the n00bs, its an annual Threadless blogger-driven fundraiser that brings folks from all over to our annual meet-up in September, aka our Family Reunion.

The book is an amazing compilation of original sketches of over 120 Threadless shirts from 66 different artists, with the forward written by Mr. Jake Nickell himself. Pick up the book over on Lulu for $19.99. Awesome job, Ian, and thanks to all who contributed!

The Threadless Sketchbook is available in paperback form and is 120 pages long. You can purchase the Sketchbook from Lulu for $19.99.




If you’d like to see some more sketches then check out this post:

76 Threadless T-Shirts From Sketch To Print

Co-Tee TV Episode 69: Space Pandas, Stay Vocal and Recycling

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear The Motive by Heiko Windisch for Threadless and review ReUse Cereal by Stay Vocal, a Green America certified ReUse apparel company that was founded by Alex Eaves. Stay Vocal takes unused new products, that are ready to be destroyed, and transforms them into brand new products.

You can also watch this episode on Vimeo, Viddler, YouTube, and download and sync all episodes to your iPod or iPhone by subscribing for free to Co-Tee TV in the iTunes Store.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

ReUse Cereal by Stay Vocal. Pros: Everything about this T-Shirt is recycled, from the packaging to the plastic wrap and the actual T-Shirt itself! T-Shirt is limited to a print of 311. Great idea and the concept will most likely appeal to those who are highly active in the “green” movement and take the mantra “reduce, reuse and recycle” to heart. Stay Vocal was a Top 10 nominee for Green America’s business of the year for 2009. Rest assured that you are making a difference by purchasing a tee from Stay Vocal. Cons: Design is printed on the reverse of the shirt so when you wear it, the neck label is visible (yes, you can easily snip it off) as well as the inside seams of the T-Shirt. Print is a bit thick, especially since it is printed on top of the existing original print. I can definitely appreciate the idea behind Stay Vocal but I am unsure if it appeals to me in such a way that I would become a regular customer. Price: $15.

Stay Vocal

Stay Vocal

Stay Vocal

Stay Vocal

Stay Vocal

Stay Vocal

Stay Vocal Cereal Time

The Motive by Heiko Windisch for Threadless. Crazy looking spacesuit operated by two pandas will appeal to almost anyone who enjoys cute things. Unfortunately it is no longer in stock. Price: $12.

The Motive by Heiko Windisch

Also mentioned in this episode: Portfolio

How To Recycle Your Old T-Shirts by Hide Your Arms

If you want to send me a product to review, please feel free to do so. You can find my information in the contact menu above. Thanks!

Cute microbes on sale

GAMA-GO’s Yeti Titan and Tower de Force

If you’re looking for your next Yeti fix then there’s no place better to go than GAMA-GO! This San Francisco original just released two new tees, including Yeti Titan, featuring GAMA-GO’s famous Yeti riding Kaiju. The second tee is called Tower de Force, and for good reason since Kaiju is rocking out with (not on top of) the Eiffel tower.

Both Yeti Titan and Tower de Force are available now from GAMA-GO for $28.

Yeti Titan

Tower de Force

And speaking of GAMA-GO, the Squid Ship Floati Pen was recently featured on a recent episode of The Colbert Report! The now famous GAMA-GO pen was spotted on the June 15, 2010 episode which you can conveniently watch here.

GAMA-GO Stephen Colbert