Co-Tee TV Episode 65: Zombie Liquorice, Arachnophobia and T-Shirt GIVEAWAY!

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Night Knight by Chad Lenjer  and review Arachnophobia by Zombie Liquorice, an independent clothing brand dedicated to bringing you the goriest and most terrifyingly horrific T-Shirt designs.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Arachnophobia by Zombie Liquorice. Pros: Only 50 of these bad boys were printed and are therefore very limited, so if you want Arachnophobia you better buy it now. The T-Shirt is tagless and features a screen printed neck label instead. Zombie Liquorice went with a distressed acid washed American Apparel tee as the blank, very original and uncommon choice of a T-Shirt. Beautifully illustrated single color print. The ink on this T-Shirt is super soft, it blends in well with the fabric. Cons: Like I mentioned earlier, the print run for this design was very limited – size XXL is already sold out and other sizes are going quickly. This style of AA T-Shirt tends to be a bit more form fitting then the regular AA T-Shirts, and they are a bit longer in length as well. Price: $20 but you can save 11% by using the coupon code “COTYGONZ” at checkout!

Zombie Liquorice

Zombie Liquorice

Zombie Liquorice

Win “A Murder” from Zombie Liquirice!

Zombie Liquorice and Co-Tee TV is giving away one T-Shirt ($20 value) to one lucky (and size Large wearing) Co-Tee TV viewer. Yes, I only have one size to giveaway, a Men’s Large, so enter if you wear a large, know someone who wears a large or perhaps want to have cool artwork to hang on your wall.

All you need to do is either:

1. Leave a comment in THIS blog post telling me whether you prefer Zombies, Vampires or Werewolves. Which is your favorite?


2. Leave a comment on the Co-Tee TV Facebook Fan Page telling me whether you prefer Zombies, Vampires or Werewolves. Which is you favorite?

Easy, huh!

By the way, if you do both of the options above then you double your chances at winning!

The contest ends on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 11:59 pm Hawaii Time. I will randomly select one (1) winner to receive the A Murder (men’s large) Shirt. Good luck!

A Murder

Also mentioned in this episode:

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Mark Riddick

Brandon Heart

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  1. KWAME-FLIP says

    Werewolves are the best Especially when you consider the recent Wolfman movie which was AMAZIN

  2. KWar says

    Zombies are ‘da bomb! How can you not love something that dies, comes back to life, and then eats people!? THAT’S AWESOME!!

    ^ I just realized how creepy that sounds, but hey, it’s how I feel ;)

    Great job, Coty!

  3. says


    they’re easiest to kill.
    Of course, Lugosi style vampires are also fun too, though.

    But were there to be an outbreak of one of these 3 creatures, i’d most anticipate a zombie attack.

  4. says

    Zombies, and my favorite zombie is me! Ya know why? Yesterday was my birthday and I’m officially as old as dirt and on my way to zombification! Oh yea, and I had my first zombie story published…just sayin

  5. tiresomedreams says

    Zombies, for sure. Even though they might be the easiest to kill, they don’t have a teenage love saga written about them.

  6. thepricklypinecone says

    It has to be zombies, anything that eats people has to be looked up to like a god!


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