Benny Frying Pan Rips Off Johnny Cupcakes

So this is a trip. It looks like a korean “brand” named Benny Frying Pan has decided that they want to be just like Johnny Cupcakes, literally. The Korean based Benny Frying Pan changed the name, but nothing much else. As you can tell from the comparison images below, Benny Frying Pan is a clear rip off of Johnny Cupcakes.

Even a close look at the two logos and you’ll notice that the cupcake are still there, but the fake version decided, hey, a fork and spoon would work better than bones. But you can’t fool us, it’s still a rip off.

I don’t understand Korean, but I would LOVE to read the Benny Frying Pan “History” and “Concept”, which they do have posted on their website, albeit in Korean. They even have a section dedicated to their “Logos” with the quote:

“Our icons are expressed to passion and pleasure, including Trust, Promise, Community, Understanding and Fun.”

It’s pretty sad.

So what do you guys think? Should Johnny Cupcakes pack up his suitcase and burn Benny Frying Pan at the stake? He should at least splash them with some scalding hot cooking oil.

UPDATE: It looks like Benny Frying Pan also has a US / .com version of their site. You can check it out here. Lots and lots and lots more rip off designs than on the Korean website. They even have fitted caps.

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Mak Cupcakes Not War

No Carbs

Fat Boy




  1. Swoggy says

    I’m guessing there’s internal theft at JC. While it’s not hard to clone anything these days, the designs are identical, which to me spells Data theft of the original PSD, EPS, etc files.

    Needs to bust out the ball peen and check some kneecaps at his shops for sure.

  2. bo says

    I saw this on his FB last night and was shocked. I hope Johnny can do something about it.

  3. says

    @Swoggy, that’s an interesting thought and it would be pretty sad if it were true.

    @Bo, hopefully he can at least get the website pulled. I’m sure pirate JC tees are pretty common in China, Indonesia, etc.

  4. omg says

    I’m a Korean-American man. And I’m pretty ashamed to be one for the first time. I hope Benny Frying Pan is brought to justice.