Lady Umbrella Opens Up Shop

Our friends over at Lady Umbrella, Rob Ryan and Elena Montes Casado, recently opened the doors to their very own brick and mortar shop! That’s right folks, Lady Umbrella no longer just exists online, you can actually stop by their physical store and buy their designer T-Shirts! The Lady Umbrella shop is located in the Loft Market in Powerscourt Shopping Centre, which is located in Dublin, Ireland. If you live in the area, or plan to be around Dublin in the near future, then definitely be sure to check them out!

“We can’t believe it is happening but we are opening up a shop in the Loft Market this Friday..It will be the culmination of a lot of hard work and we’re just delighted to have been given this chance…”

Way to go Lady Umbrella!

Lady Umbrella
The Loft Market, Powerscourt Shopping Centre
59 William Street South
Dublin, Ireland







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    Wow, thanks for sharing this Coty – much appreciated…if ever you make the long trip from Hawaii to Dublin make sure to call in, I’ll be sure to give you a good deal ;) ole…LadyUmbrella (Rob)