Hello Humongo Nation!

Last year the Plaid Nation took the road and stopped over at the Threadless headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, the ad agency formerly known as Plaid, The Greatest Agency in all the land was renamed to Humongo!

Every year, the Humongo Agency embarks on a nation wide social media tour stopping over at some of the most creative places and visiting some of the most creative people in the United States. Humongo Nation, as it is called, is a “rolling celebration of creativity and a demonstration of social media in action.” Every aspect of the Humongo Nation tour will be documented on their website, Humongo Nation, and of course they will be tweeting, checking in on FourSquare, and blogging. They will also be hooked up to live GPS so that you can view where they are on a map at all times! They will be travelling around in a Ford Flex that will be equipped with 2 live “Flex” cameras that will be set up inside the van so that you can be the number 1 voyeur of the Humongo crew.

The Humongo Nation tour kicks off on July 19, 2010  in Portland, Maine and will include stops in Boston, Washington, Miami and a slew of other cities!

Here’s a peek at the Pre-Tour video, keep you eye out for a few Threadless tee appearances!

And here’s the video of their visit to Threadless last year: