weVolve (37 Celebrity Simians)

Our friends at the Chop Shop released their latest T-Shirt and it again features their iconic, Gestalt-esque style, that we’ve come to know and love. WeVolve features 37 of the most famous simians on the planet. Can you identify them all? Not so sure what a simian is? I’ll help you out:

“The simians (infraorder Simiiformes) are the “higher primates” familiar to most people: the Old World monkeys and apes, including humans, (together being the catarrhines), and the New World monkeys or platyrrhines. Simians tend to be larger than the “lower primates” or prosimians.”  via Wikipedia.

WeVolve is available now from the Chop Shop for $21 and comes in three different colorways: olive, chocolate and black. If you do decide to pick up this beauty then be sure to use the coupon code “cotygun” at checkout for an extra 15% off your entire order. Now that is something any simian would go gaga over.



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