Comic-Con 2010 Costume Spotting (Day 1)

Comic-Con 2010 is being held from July 22-25 this year and as with any comic book convention, there are some amazingly wacky costumes to be seen! I’ll be tracking the best costume spottings from Comic-Con 2010 because I always get a kick at seeing what people decide to dress up as. My favorite from the first days batch has got to be very well done Tron costume!

Comic-Con 2010 Costume Spotting

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1. Tron, photo by Mike Rollerson. This Tron inspired costume has got to be the hottest costume spotted yet at Comic-Con 2010. Or else the photo just made it look that much more awesome! Visit


2. Green Girls, photo by Mike Rollerson. These female Green Hornets look like they are up to no good. Visit

Riddler Girls

3. Ms. Captain America, photo by Port of San Diego. Even the wife of a national hero needs some rest and relaxation! Visit Port of San Diego.

Ms. Captain America

4. Link, photo by Mark H. Anbinder (mhaithaca). Here’s one video gamer representing at Comic-Con 2010. Visit 14850 Online.


5. Ms. Iron Man, photo by Official Star Wars Blog. High marks on the costume even though the pose is a little weak. Come on Ms. Iron Man, put some spunk into that superhero pose of yours! Visit Star Wars.

Iron Man

6. Super Ray, photo by Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum (EMP|SFM). I actually have no idea who these guys are or who they are supposed to be. I am assuming that they are dressed up as a character named “Super Ray” based on the item the gentleman on the left is holding. Have you heard of Super Ray? Visit (EMP|SFM).

Super Ray

7. Halo, photo by Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum (EMP|SFM). This guy must be extremely hot out there in his Halo costume while walking around in the San Diego sun! Visit (EMP|SFM).


8. Harry Potter, photo by Mark H. Anbinder (mhaithaca). Potter! Harry Potter! Look, he even brought along his owl. Visit 14850 Online.

Harry Potter

9. Wonder Woman, photo by uncle_shoggoth. She looks a bit more Asian than Amazonian. Well, at least she isn’t wearing the revised Wonder Woman costume – bleh! Visit uncle_shoggoth’s Flickr Photostream.

Wonder Woman

10. The Jackies, photo by Crown Publishing. Jackie Kennedy was a cool cat. These girls are representing. Visit Crown Publishing Group.

The Jackies

11. Kick-Ass, photo by cranberries. Loved both the comic and the movie! Visit cranberries’ Photostream.


12. Sailor Moon, photo by cranberries. Comic-Con isn’t an anime convention but I am sure you’ll find a handful of Sailor Moons! Here’s one of them. Visit cranberries’ Photostream.

Sailor Moon

13. Steampunk Woman, photo by cranberries. Now that is a cool steampunk chair. Visit cranberries’ Photostream.

Steampunk Woman

14. Batman, photo by Sat Y (sakippoy). Comic-Con just wouldn’t be Comic-Con if there weren’t anyone dressed up as Batman and Superman. See below for the latter. Visit sakippoy’s Photostream.


15. Bizarro Superman and Hawkgirl, photo by Nathan Waddell (homie bear). Hey, give him points for being original. Hawkgirl on the otherhand, now that’s cool! Visit Pooing In The Woods.

Bizarro Superman and Hawkgirl


  1. Mike says

    Super Ray is from HBO’s Bored To Death. Super Ray is the alter-ego of a character played by Zach Galifanakis. Galifanakis’ character is a comic book writer/artists who writes about the penis-oriented adventures of his alter ego.