Green Means Go

The latest T-Shirt from our friends at Shirt.Woot comes to us just in time for Comic-Con! The shirt, which by the way is available only for a few more hours, features what looks like The Green Lantern. I say “what looks like” because we know that with copyright issues and all, that just can’t be the “real” Green Lantern. Though It does in fact look like the Green Lantern is using his powers to allow him access to the HOV lane (high occupancy vehicle lane) for the non-drivers and especially those who don’t drive in traffic.

This shirt just leads me to wonder whether or not Superheroes are allowed to text while they drive. They have to be better at multitasking than mere humans. Thoughts?

Green Means Go was designed by T-Shirt extraordinaire Robbie Lee and is available now from Shirt.Woot for $10 and is available now for the next 8 hours.

Green Means Go by Shirt.Woot

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