Comic-Con 2010 Costume Spotting (Day 3)

Oh my, there’s just one more day left of Comic-Con! Check out these photos from Day 3 of Comic-Con 2010! I read on Twitter that someone was stabbed over a seat at the Marvel Studios panel. Come on guys, play nice!

Comic-Con 2010 Costume Spotting

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

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1. Darth Maul, photo by The Sock Police. Awesome body paint. Visit The Sock Police’s Flickr Photostream.

Darth Maul

2. Hawk Man, photo by Cameron Yee (YGX). Damn, imagine getting into an elevator at the convention with this guy. Geez. Visit YGX’s Flickr Photostream.


3. He-Man, photo by diegourias. One of my favorite cartoon characters growing up. Visit Diego Urias Blog.


4. Batman with a Belly, photo by Joe Wilcox. The first of two LOLs. Visit Oddly Together.


5. Jesse, photo by donaldmctim. It’s Jesse! Where’s Woody? And what’s the Ghostbuster doing there? Visit donaldmctim’s Flickr Photostream.


6. SuperOldMan, photo by donaldmctim. LOLs. Visit donaldmctim’s Flickr Photostream.


7. Cobra Commander, photo by Rena Rowe. I still haven’t seen the G.I. Joe movie <– Shame. On. Me. Visit Rena Rowe’s Flickr Photostream.

Cobra Commander

8. Bowser, photo by Pat Loika. Watch out for spit fire balls. Visit Pat Loika’s Flickr Photostream.


9. X-Men, photo by Pat Loika. Where are the rest of her X friends? Visit Pat Loika’s Flickr Photostream.


10. Where’s Waldo?, photo by Nathan Rupert (San Diego Shooter). Hey, look! I found Waldo! Visit Nathan Rubert’s Website.


11. Captain America, photo by Cynr. Meet African American Captain America. Visit Cynr’s Flickr Photostream.

Captain America

12. Joker, photo by Cynr. beautiful headshot of this Heath Ledger “Joker” lookalike. Visit Cynr’s Flickr Photostream.


13. Batman, photo by 45SURF.COM HERO’S JOURNEY MYTHOLOGY PHOTOGRAPHY. This Batman looks like the business. Visit 45Surf.


14. Hit-Girl, photo by Nathan Rupert (San Diego Shooter). This Kick-Ass character looks pretty Bad-Ass. Visit Nathan Rubert’s Website.


15. Sub-Zero, photo by Nathan Rupert (San Diego Shooter). It would have been kind of funny if Sub-Zero was seen walking around with a Slurpy. Visit Nathan Rubert’s Website.