Comic-Con 2010 Costume Spotting (Day 4)

Comic-Con 2010 has officially come to an end. And although I am sad, I am very excited for whats to come in terms of geekery for 2010 and beyond. Enjoy the last set of cosplay from the final day of Comic Con 2010!

Comic-Con 2010 Costume Spotting

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

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1. Zangief from Street Fighter, photo by Super* Junk. Zangief looks just a tad bit chubby here. Visit Super-Junk.


2. Pikachu, photo by Arnold Tijerina. Imagine for a bit how it would be to walk around for a day in this Pikachu costume. Visit Arnold Tijerina’s Flickr Photostream.


3. Three Flashes, photo by UnderTheRadarMag. What would it be like if these three Flashes flashed you? Not a pretty sight, I would imagine. Visit UnderTheRadarMag’s Flickr Photostream.

Three Flashes

4. Shrek, photo by uncle_shoggoth. Cute couple. Visit uncle_shoggoth’s Flickr Photostream.


5. Rorschach, photo by uncle_shoggoth. He brought his journal. Count me impressed. Visit uncle_shoggoth’s Flickr Photostream.


6. Nuada and Nualla, photo by uncle_shoggoth. Remember these guys from Hellboy? Visit uncle_shoggoth’s Flickr Photostream.

Nuada and Nualla

7. Bruce Lee, photo by Ben Matlock (BenM135). Bruce Lee or Uma from Kill Bill, you choose. Visit Ben Matlock’s Flickr Photostream.

Bruce Lee

8. Red Power Ranger, photo by Ben Matlock (BenM135). Go, Go, Power Ranger! Visit Ben Matlock’s Flickr Photostream.

Red Power Ranger

9. Na’vi, photo by Ben Matlock (BenM135). From the James Cameron Epic also known as Pocohontas. Visit Ben Matlock’s Flickr Photostream.


10. Alice In Wonderland, photo by Nicholas James Santiago. Solid photo. I kind of want to have this printed and hung. By the way, Nicholas is doing the 365 photo thing on Flickr and I highly recommend that you check it out. Visit Nicholas James Santiago’s Flickr Photostream.

Alice In Wonderland

11. Leeloo of Fifth Element, photo by photofg. Loved the movie and love the costume! Visit photofg’s Flickr Photostream.

Fifth Element

12. Wolverine, photo by Nicole Love (Official Star Wars Blog). Love the cigar. Visit


13. Batman and Robin, photo by Nicole Love (Official Star Wars Blog). Awesome photo. Robin looks pretty kick ass here. And by default, it’s kind of hard to make Robin look kickass. This kid pulled it off. Visit

Batman and Robin

14. Gizmo, photo by Bonnie Burton (Official Star Wars Blog). A character from one of my favorite movies from the 80’s. Visit


15. Tony Stark, photo by Bonnie Burton (Official Star Wars Blog). Granted all this costume took was an expensive suit and a little facial hair, but still, rock solid Tony Stark lookalike! Visit

Tony Stark


  1. Rorschach says

    You know, I’ve been searching “Rorschach Comic Con 2010″ on google almost every day since the con seeing if anyone put up a photo of me. Thanks for having me on the list!

    Oh, and glad you liked the journal.