The Best of Comic-Con 2010 Costume Spotting

Caped and uncaped superheroes, comic geeks, and nerds of all kinds descended upon San Diego’s Convention Center for the once a year gathering know as COMIC-CON! And although many of these caped crusaders have returned to their mundane lives as ordinary people, their costumes will live on as photos. Please enjoy four days of Comic-Con Costume Spotting and be sure to get started on your costumes for next years Comic-Con!

Comic-Con 2010 Costume Spotting

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

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Day 1 Comic-Con Costume Spotting:

1. Tron, photo by Mike Rollerson. This Tron inspired costume has got to be the hottest costume spotted yet at Comic-Con 2010. Or else the photo just made it look that much more awesome! Visit


2. Green Girls, photo by Mike Rollerson. These female Green Hornets look like they are up to no good. Visit


3. Ms. Captain America, photo by Port of San Diego. Even the wife of a national hero needs some rest and relaxation! Visit Port of San Diego.


4. Link, photo by Mark H. Anbinder (mhaithaca). Here’s one video gamer representing at Comic-Con 2010. Visit 14850 Online.


5. Ms. Iron Man, photo by Official Star Wars Blog. High marks on the costume even though the pose is a little weak. Come on Ms. Iron Man, put some spunk into that superhero pose of yours! Visit Star Wars.


6. Super Ray, photo by Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum (EMP|SFM). I actually have no idea who these guys are or who they are supposed to be. I am assuming that they are dressed up as a character named “Super Ray” based on the item the gentleman on the left is holding. Have you heard of Super Ray? Visit (EMP|SFM).


7. Halo, photo by Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum (EMP|SFM). This guy must be extremely hot out there in his Halo costume while walking around in the San Diego sun! Visit (EMP|SFM).


8. Harry Potter, photo by Mark H. Anbinder (mhaithaca). Potter! Harry Potter! Look, he even brought along his owl. Visit 14850 Online.


9. Wonder Woman, photo by uncle_shoggoth. She looks a bit more Asian than Amazonian. Well, at least she isn’t wearing the revised Wonder Woman costume – bleh! Visit uncle_shoggoth’s Flickr Photostream.


10. The Jackies, photo by Crown Publishing. Jackie Kennedy was a cool cat. These girls are representing. Visit Crown Publishing Group.


11. Kick-Ass, photo by cranberries. Loved both the comic and the movie! Visit cranberries’ Photostream.


12. Sailor Moon, photo by cranberries. Comic-Con isn’t an anime convention but I am sure you’ll find a handful of Sailor Moons! Here’s one of them. Visit cranberries’ Photostream.


13. Steampunk Woman, photo by cranberries. Now that is a cool steampunk chair. Visit cranberries’ Photostream.


14. Batman, photo by Sat Y (sakippoy). Comic-Con just wouldn’t be Comic-Con if there weren’t anyone dressed up as Batman and Superman. See below for the latter. Visit sakippoy’s Photostream.


15. Bizarro Superman and Hawkgirl, photo by Nathan Waddell (homie bear). Hey, give him points for being original. Hawkgirl on the otherhand, now that’s cool! Visit Pooing In The Woods.


Day 2 Comic-Con Costume Spotting:

16. Aayla Secura of Star Wars, photo by Nathan Rupert (San Diego Shooter). Purple is such a flattering color. Visit Nathan Rupert’s Website.


17. Buff Wonder Woman, photo by Nathan Rupert (San Diego Shooter). Definitely a buff Wonder Woman. Visit Nathan Rupert’s Website.


18 and 19 removed.


20. Superman and Superwoman, photo by GJ Reitz. I don’t even have to think about what their kids look like. Visit GJ Reitz’s Flickr Photostream.


21. Ghostbusters, photo by GJ Reitz. Neat ghost busting pack! Visit GJ Reitz’s Flickr Photostream.


22. The Flash, photo by Mike Rollerson. Perfect Flash pose. Visit


23. Indiana Jones, photo by Noelle Heany (Lbc42). Like father, like son! Visit Noelle Heany’s Flickr Photostream.


24. Princess Yue of Avatar: The Last Airbender, photo by Noelle Heany (Lbc42). It’s the snow princess! Visit Noelle Heany’s Flickr Photostream.


25. Unknown, photo by Noelle Heany (Lbc42). I have no clue who this guy is dressed up as, but I had to post it for his efforts! Visit Noelle Heany’s Flickr Photostream.


26. Green Lantern, photo by cranberries. Gotta love the ‘fro. Visit cranberries’ Flickr Photostream.


27. Mawile of Pokemon, photo by cranberries. This Asian character kinda really freaked me out. Visit cranberries’ Flickr Photostream.


28. Unknown Army, photo by cranberries. These guys look like they are up to no good! Visit cranberries’ Flickr Photostream.


29. Thor, Scarlet Witch and Captain America, photo by SBGrad. Say hello to the Avengers! Visit SBGrad’s Flickr Photostream.


30. Batman Villains, photo by SBGrad. I’m betting that these guys attended Comic-Con separately and then found their way to each other. Because that is how Batman villains roll. Visit SBGrad’s Flickr Photostream.


Day 3 Comic-Con Costume Spotting:

31. Darth Maul, photo by The Sock Police. Awesome body paint. Visit The Sock Police’s Flickr Photostream.


32. Hawk Man, photo by Cameron Yee (YGX). Damn, imagine getting into an elevator at the convention with this guy. Geez. Visit YGX’s Flickr Photostream.


33. He-Man, photo by diegourias. One of my favorite cartoon characters growing up. Visit Diego Urias Blog.


34. Batman with a Belly, photo by Joe Wilcox. The first of two LOLs. Visit Oddly Together.


35. Jesse, photo by donaldmctim. It’s Jesse! Where’s Woody? And what’s the Ghostbuster doing there? Visit donaldmctim’s Flickr Photostream.


36. SuperOldMan, photo by donaldmctim. LOLs. Visit donaldmctim’s Flickr Photostream.


37. Cobra Commander, photo by Rena Rowe. I still haven’t seen the G.I. Joe movie <– Shame. On. Me. Visit Rena Rowe’s Flickr Photostream.


38. Bowser, photo by Pat Loika. Watch out for spit fire balls. Visit Pat Loika’s Flickr Photostream.


39. X-Men, photo by Pat Loika. Where are the rest of her X friends? Visit Pat Loika’s Flickr Photostream.


40. Where’s Waldo?, photo by Nathan Rupert (San Diego Shooter). Hey, look! I found Waldo! Visit Nathan Rubert’s Website.


41. Captain America, photo by Cynr. Meet African American Captain America. Visit Cynr’s Flickr Photostream.


42. Joker, photo by Cynr. beautiful headshot of this Heath Ledger “Joker” lookalike. Visit Cynr’s Flickr Photostream.


43. Batman, photo by 45SURF.COM HERO’S JOURNEY MYTHOLOGY PHOTOGRAPHY. This Batman looks like the business. Visit 45Surf.


44. Hit-Girl, photo by Nathan Rupert (San Diego Shooter). This Kick-Ass character looks pretty Bad-Ass. Visit Nathan Rubert’s Website.


45. Sub-Zero, photo by Nathan Rupert (San Diego Shooter). It would have been kind of funny if Sub-Zero was seen walking around with a Slurpy. Visit Nathan Rubert’s Website.


Day 4 Comic-Con Costume Spotting:

46. Zangief from Street Fighter, photo by Super* Junk. Zangief looks just a tad bit chubby here. Visit Super-Junk.


47. Pikachu, photo by Arnold Tijerina. Imagine for a bit how it would be to walk around for a day in this Pikachu costume. Visit Arnold Tijerina’s Flickr Photostream.


48. Three Flashes, photo by UnderTheRadarMag. What would it be like if these three Flashes flashed you? Not a pretty sight, I would imagine. Visit UnderTheRadarMag’s Flickr Photostream.


49. Shrek, photo by uncle_shoggoth. Cute couple. Visit uncle_shoggoth’s Flickr Photostream.


50. Rorschach, photo by uncle_shoggoth. He brought his journal. Count me impressed. Visit uncle_shoggoth’s Flickr Photostream.


51. Nuada and Nualla, photo by uncle_shoggoth. Remember these guys from Hellboy? Visit uncle_shoggoth’s Flickr Photostream.


52. Bruce Lee, photo by Ben Matlock (BenM135). Bruce Lee or Uma from Kill Bill, you choose. Visit Ben Matlock’s Flickr Photostream.


53. Red Power Ranger, photo by Ben Matlock (BenM135). Go, Go, Power Ranger! Visit Ben Matlock’s Flickr Photostream.


54. Na’vi, photo by Ben Matlock (BenM135). From the James Cameron Epic also known as Pocohontas. Visit Ben Matlock’s Flickr Photostream.


55. Alice In Wonderland, photo by Nicholas James Santiago. Solid photo. I kind of want to have this printed and hung. By the way, Nicholas is doing the 365 photo thing on Flickr and I highly recommend that you check it out. Visit Nicholas James Santiago’s Flickr Photostream.


56. Leeloo of Fifth Element, photo by photofg. Loved the movie and love the costume! Visit photofg’s Flickr Photostream.


57. Wolverine, photo by Nicole Love (Official Star Wars Blog). Love the cigar. Visit


58. Batman and Robin, photo by Nicole Love (Official Star Wars Blog). Awesome photo. Robin looks pretty kick ass here. And by default, it’s kind of hard to make Robin look kickass. This kid pulled it off. Visit


59. Gizmo, photo by Bonnie Burton (Official Star Wars Blog). A character from one of my favorite movies from the 80’s. Visit


60. Tony Stark, photo by Bonnie Burton (Official Star Wars Blog). Granted all this costume took was an expensive suit and a little facial hair, but still, rock solid Tony Stark lookalike! Visit