Check Out My I Wear Your Shirt Koozie!

Our friends over at I Wear Your Shirt sent over a little goodie! Watch me as I unwrap this surprise gift from the guys that wear a different shirt every day! Speaking of I Wear Your Shirt, be sure to check out their website and if you own a company maybe consider buying one of the two days that they have left in 2010! December 22 and December 30 are the two available days. And in case you were wondering, those days are going for $712 and $728, respectively.

Also, be sure to check out and let me know what they’re all about by leaving a comment below.

Thanks Jason and Evan!

I Wear Your Shirt

I Wear Your Shirt

I Wear Your Shirt

I Wear Your Shirt

I Wear Your Shirt


  1. says

    Jason and Evan are awesome! They really came up with a great idea, and I’m glad they’re as successful as they are – it’s deserved. But what in the world is FubRub?

  2. says

    You’re very welcome Coty! Thanks for the awesome blog post. Lots more fun stuff coming and only 2 days left on the calendar as of today.

    ps – FubRub is currently a secret, I’m not affiliated.

  3. Trista Hevey aka @HeveyT says

    MY coozie is fabulous but i have NO freakin clue what is…hmmmm.

    Anyone? are people giving email addresses to something they dont know what it is. I wanna know..tell me what FubRub is? :)


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