Dream Levels (For Inception Fans)

There seems to be a lot of noise going on within the product page of this new Busted Tees T-Shirt. A bunch of Inception fans seem to think this shirt is inaccurate, while other really love it. Let’s try and see if we can break down the layers and see whether or not Dream Levels is in fact accurate or not.

Outer Layer (Reality): That’s where you and I are right now, assuming neither of us are sleeping and/or dreaming.

Layer 1 (Yusuf): This is where the initial dream takes place. Also, this is the dream that involves the longest free fall van dive ever in the history of movies and mankind. Yes, it was that long.

Layer 2 (Arthur): Layer 2 is the dream within a dream. Remember, it involved that very, very cool and gravity defying sequence in the hotel room and then elevator. Future Riddler was the guy ding all the work in this dream.

Layer 3: (Eames): Now it gets really complicated. This layer reflects the dream within a dream within a dream. It’s the icy snow fortress sequence. Tough guy Tom Hardy plays  huge role in this dream sequence.

Layer 4 (Limbo): Ah Limbo. I think this is the part of the movie in which many brains exploded. Seriously, when leaving the theater a lot of people talked about amazing the movie was and then quickly switched topics to how unbelievable confusing it was. Limbo was the place that Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) needed to go to in order to save Saito. Remember, Saito was really, really, really old.

So there you go. A quick examination of Dream Levels by Busted Tees demonstrates that it is theoretically correct. However, I could be totally wrong.

If you want it then go and pick it up now from Busted Tees for $15.99.

Dream Levels - Inception

Dream Levels - Inception