World Record: Most T-Shirts Put on in One Minute

So this is a neat little video that I spotted over at The Laughing Squid of the world record holder for most T-Shirts put on in on minute. The record is held by Jamie Matter of Wisconsin, United States. And even though it’s not a Guinness World Record (it was submitted and accepted to The Universal Record Database), it’s still pretty interesting, especially for a T-Shirt fanatic like myself.

I will tell you this: I want this record. Seriously, I’m going to go hunting for XL, 2XL and 3XL tees so that I can beat this record of 25 T-Shirts. I’m on it. T-Shirt blogger extraordinaire is not enough for me. I’m gunning for you, Jamie Matter.

Check out the official page for this URDB world record.

As for my record breaking attempt, I will keep you updated.