Calling Dungeons & Dragons Fans: Go Gnolls

Apparently, this girl plays Dungeons & Dragons and also is a ninja. What a combination. I’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons. Ever. Is it any good?

So what’s a gnoll? If you’re not hip to Dungeons & Dragons ling (like me) then let me provide you with some gnoll insight, courtesy of Wikipedia.

“In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, gnolls greatly resemble humanoid hyenas. They are usually between seven and eight feet tall, weighing around 250 to 320 pounds, and use armor made of horn, metal, or leather. Gnolls are generally depicted in the game world as feral nomads who kill and pillage without warning. Their whole bodies are covered in reddish-brown fur which becomes shorter as it surrounds their faces and clawed hands to reveal grey colored skin. Their pelts vary from mono-colored to spotted and their eyes are either yellow or black.”

Go Gnoll was designed by Lee Bretschneider and is available now from his online store, Adventuring Company, for $18.

Go Gnolls

And this is a real gnoll:


Co-Tee TV Episode 76: Electric Oceans D&A, Akumu Ink and Bats

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear the Trident Logo Tee from Electric Oceans and review Starved by Akumu Ink, a brand that was started in 2008 and is based in Canada. The Akumu Ink team consists of Joey the illustrator/designer and printer, and Dora who takes care of customer service and all the business side of things. If you love horror with a nightmarish twist, in the style of Alfred Hitchcock and Tim Burton, then Akumu Ink is definitely worth checking out.

Fur Face Boy sent me an insane amount of T-Shirts from their Series 3 Line. I will be featuring the shirts throughout Co-Tee TV Episodes 70-79 so definitely keep an eye out for even more Fur Face Boy in the coming weeks! See Episode 70 of Co-Tee TV for the Fur Face Boy full review.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Starved by Akumu Ink. Pros: The included cardboard was a nice touch to keep the packagage flat and rigid. The custom Akumu Ink was the neatest tag I’ve ever seen! It was fully customized to look like a morgue tag and even featured my name (as the name of the deceased) and had my place and reason of death (which incidentally was starvation, which is also the name of the T-Shirt). They did an excellent job at extending their theme to their custom hang tag. I absolutely love the design, it is very much reminiscent of vintage Hitchcockian imagery. All T-Shirts are printed in house by Akumu Ink co-founder, Joey. The print itself is soft to the touch and very comfortable when worn, despite being a very large print (it doesn’t weight the T-Shirt down one bit). Cons: My only criticism is that I wish that they would have removed the original neck tag, especially since they sewed in their own custom neck tag. Other than that minor detail, I love the T-Shirt! Price: $21.99.

“The name Akumu is Japanese for Nightmare. We love taking the concept of creating hand drawn images based on our nightmares. As the brand has grown over the last few years our artistic style has evolved into this nightmarish scratch board look. Past designs can be found in our RIP section.”








Trident by Electric Oceans D&A. Pros: I love that Electric Oceans made the effort to package the T-Shirt in a separate plastic bag from the plain manilla opener – it helps to guard against mishaps during shipment. Trident is also tagless and instead features a screen printed neck label instead, which is always nice. The T-Shirt itself is nice and soft, though it is on the shorter end when compared to your typical American Apparel blank. The ink print is slightly on the heavier end, but because it’s text you can’t really tell. Excellent price point. Cons: The T-Shirt packaging is a little bit of a miss for me. The shirt itself is individually packaged in its own plastic bag to protect it during shipment but the outer mailer is just a simple document type manila envelope. If you’ve got a sexy tee then you’ve got to be sure that the packaging is somewhat sexy as well. The included business cards seem a little generic, they don’t include the Electric Oceans logo and the graphic doesn’t seem to reflect the brand. Price: $12.



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American Apparel Going Bankrupt

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Cute microbes on sale

Wardrobe Army Apparel by The Salvation Army and James White

The Salvation Army is one of those honorable organizations that is well known simply for doing good things for good people.

The Salvation Army was recently named by the United Nations as the “lead agency” responsible for well-being of an estimated 20,000 earthquake survivors. The organization will continue to serve those survivors while coordinating with other agencies and planning its long-term recovery for the country.

It’s likely that there is a Salvation Army in your neighborhood, providing a helping hand to those that need it the most. The Salvation Army thrift stores have been a long time hot spot for money pinchers and hipsters alike, looking for unique pieces to add to their wardrobe for cheap.

Now, the Army is taking things a step further. They have hooked up with artist James White to create a one-of-a-kind apparel company with the aim of helping the less fortunate. 100% of the proceeds from each shirt sold from the Wardobe Army Apparel line will go to helping a specific cause. Such cause included the Pakistan and Haiti relief efforts, as well as with helping specific neighborhoods like the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, B.C.

Each shirt is priced at $20 and is available now from Wardrobe Army Apparel by The Salvation Army.

Wardrobe Army Apparel

Wardrobe Army Apparel

Wardrobe Army Apparel

Don’t Judge Me: Lindsay Lohan Says Fuck You

I don’t live the privileged life that you live, LiLo. I haven’t starred in any semi-successful movies, nor have I had a single successful pop song. I don’t have access to the best cocaine and heroine that money could buy. I don’t have the best lawyers that money could buy. And I most definitely do not have a nail stylist that could perform such micro typography work like the ones you have down there Hollywood.

So yeah, I won’t judge.

Though I still think that the appeals should not have let her get away with violating her probation. Then again, she’s a celebrity and celebrities get away with things that mere mortals could never get away with. Again, I wont judge. I’ll just fill myself with spite.

Don’t Judge Me is available now from Mighty Fine for $20.

Don't Judge Me

Don't Judge Me

Super Heroic Minimalism

Super Heroic Minimalism is an awesome new Threadless T-Shirt by designer Jonah Block that features two of my favorite Marvel characters in minimalistic form. Both Spider-Man and Iron Man are represented in the design, but surprisingly missing from the print is the caped crusader aka the Dark Knight aka Batman. It looks like Threadless legal decided to tweak the design to exclude my favorite cowled superhero.

Take a look below to see the design that is currently available for sale as well as the original submitted design. And further down you’ll see Ant-Man modification that Block made as replacements for the original Batman design.

What do you think? Did Threadless yank Batman from Super Heroic Minimalism for legal reasons or because they felt it should have been an all Marvel ensemble?

In any case, if you like this one then I think you should grab it ASAP because Threadless legal could pull the design all together at anytime!

Super Heroic Minimalism is available now from Threadless for $18. Super power not included.

Super Heroic Minimalism

Super Heroic Minimalism

Super Heroic Minimalism

Super Heroic Minimalism

Robot Unicorn: Chase Your Dreams

Robot Unicorn might be the greatest iPhone game that I’ve never played (up until now that is). Forget Angry Birds, if you haven’t tried out Robot Unicorn, you MUST stop everything, head over to the Apple App Store and download this magical game. It’s a life changer.

And once your life has been changed, you can buy the official Robot Unicorn T-Shirt from Adult Swim for $18. It comes in both black, and of course, unicorn purple.

Chase Your Dreams fellow T-Shirt lovers.

Robot Unicorn

Robot Unicorn

Photo via Brian Crecente.

Beyond Earth: 23 Historic Space Missions

Yesterday, a photo of Beth and Jesse Palma began spreading across the Internet. It’s no ordinary photo since it is a wedding photo, but then again, it’s no ordinary wedding photo. The couple, who incidentally are both employees of NASA, had the opportunity to take a few wedding photos next to the Discovery Space Shuttle. How awesome is that? Pretty damn awesome.

NASA Discovery Wedding Photo

Photo via Red Huber.

Someone should totally gift them both the latest T-Shirt from the Chop Shop. It’s called Beyond Earth and features 23 historic space missions. Something tells me that they’d both appreciate this shirt and probably be able to name each of the 23 space missions referenced on the T-Shirt.

Beyond Earth is available now from Chop Shop for $22 but you can save 15% by using the coupon code “cotygun” at checkout. As a bonus, $5 of each order will be donated to the The Planetary Society. See below for details.

“If you buy a copy we will donate $5 of every purchase to The Planetary Society. The world’s largest space-interest group dedicated to inspiring the public with the adventure and mystery of space exploration. A non-governmental organization founded in 1980, who among its founders included Carl Sagan, the author of Cosmos. If you buy a copy with a membership (sorry, US residents only), we will register you as a new member for only an additional $25 (normally $37). See here for what you get as a new member.”

Beyond Earth: 23 Historic Space MIssions

MIles To Go X Craig Robson + Moby Dick

Our friend Greg from Miles To Go has been quite busy since the last time we featured his T-Shirts on the site. In fact, Miles To Go just released two new tees by Miles To Go artist favorite, Craig Robson. Both Truth & Reason and Tick Tock, Alice were design by Robson and were inspired by Oscar Wilde and the Mad Hatter, respectively. Both shirts are available now at Miles To Go Clothing for $22.99.

While I was checking out the new Craig Robson design tees, I also spotted an amazing Moby Dick inspired T-Shirt. Moby Dick is printed using discharge ink on a Tri-Blend American Apparel tee, which I can say from experience is super soft and comfortable.

“All men live enveloped in whale-lines. All are born with halters round their necks; but it is only when caught in the swift, sudden turn of death, that mortals realize the silent, subtle, ever present perils of life.” – Herman Melville

Tick Tock, Alice

Truth & Reason

Moby Dick

Diamond Head Clothing

Diamond Head Clothing is an energetic Hawaii based brand that meshes together tikis, skateboarding, surfing and music. They actually sent me a package a while back, but alas I never had the chance to feature it on Co-Tee TV (it will be featured and reviewed, so keep an eye out). However, I did notice a post about the brand on Emptees and had a chance to checkout some of their offerings.

They currently have a mix of T-Shirts, tanks, beanies and shorts in their store, but their bread and butter is their T-Shirts. For the most part, their designs are quite colorful and very loud. They sort of reminded me of Dream Gold. My favorites from the bunch were the two most subdued shirts that feature the tattoo like Diamond Head Tiki Crest. I actually think the shirt would have looked even better with just the tiki design on the front sans the Diamond Head type treatment. Or maybe they could have placed the Diamond Head type on to the top back of the shirt at a much smaller size.

The Diamond Head Clothing T-Shirts are priced from $12 and the Tiki Crest Raglan can be had for $18. Go grab a piece of the Hawaiian Islands now!

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

The Future of T-Shirts

Imagine that in the future cotton is no longer then default material for T-Shirts. Instead of plopping on a tee, you spray yourself with Fabrican, an instant and sprayable non-woven fabric. Granted, it takes about 15 minutes to spray on a Fabrican made T-Shirt, but hey, it’s the future and we all have more time in the future.

“Developed through a collaboration between Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, Fabrican technology has captured the imagination of designers, industry and the public around the world. The technology has been developed for use in household, industrial, personal and healthcare, decorative and fashion applications using aerosol cans or spray-guns, and will soon be found in products available everywhere.”

The spray is made from short fibers that are coupled with a solvent that allow for the binding of polymers to take place which allows for the formation of the Fabrican fabric.

Check out these videos to see Fabrican and how it is used: