Make It So, Picard

A good friend of mine is a Star Trek fan*. I put an asterisk there because  he is completely in love SPECIFICALLY with Star Trek: The Next Generation. In fact, I posted the following video on Tumblr Trends (see video below) and he responded with the following:

“At least he likes Capt. Picard…. I’m tired of all the Kirk-fanatics out there! Picard is the better captain, get over it!”

HAH! That made my day.

Here’s the video that sparked the outrage:

And that brings us to the newest shirt from our friends from Seattle, Might Tees! They’ve deviated a little from their Apple/Tech related tees, and instead venture into the outer galaxies of geekdom. The T-Shirt is called Make It So and it features my friends ALL TIME FAVORITE Star Trek captain, Jean-Luc Picard.

I asked my friend if he’d allow Captain Picard to penetrate him, you know, in a jail bait rape kind of way. He’s response: “lol.” He never gave me an affirmative no. Star Trek fans are hard core.

Make It So is available now from Might Tees for $31.99.