101 T-Shirts To Help You Relive The 1980’s

I’m an 80’s kid. And since I was born in 1981, I was able to experience 90% of that glorious decade. Ah, the 80’s, the birthplace of most of my childhood favorites, many of which you’ve probably heard me ramble on about here on this blog. From He-Man to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Back to the Future to The Karate Kid. The 80’s was a great time to be a kid.

It kind of makes me sad to think that the kids growing up today look up at their older brothers and sisters, interacting like zombies in front of their computers. The 80’s were all about adventure for me. It was about me and my bike and my friends. It was about hunting for imaginary treasures like the Goonies did. It was about hunting for dinosaur bones in my back yard. It was about me turning into a ninja and then into a pirate and then back to a kid. It was about leaving the NES cartridge in the NES on all night to save my place in a game. The 80’s were awesome, at least for me it was.

PS: I’ve included a downloadable PDF reference guide at the bottom to help you figure out what/who these T-Shirts refer to. But can you figure them all out without looking at the reference guide? Have fun!

101 T-Shirts To Help You Relive The 1980's

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a 1980’s shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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1. When I Was A Kid The World Looked Like This by Snorg Tees, $18.95.

When I Was A Kid

2. How To Do The Thriller Dance by NerdyShirts, 19.95.

How To Do The Thriller Dance

3. Prepare To Die by 80s Tees, $20.

Prepare To Die

4. Jesse and the Rippers by Busted Tees, $20.

Jesse and the Rippers

5. 80’s Filmography by Chop Shop, $17.

80's Filmography

6. It’s A Trap by Clutch Tees, $19.95.

It's A Trap

7. BRB by DeezTeez, $14.99.


8. I Love The 80’s by Shirtcity, $19.95.

I LOve The 80's

9. Broken Stereo by Skreened, $20.99.

Broken Stereo

10. Stay Puft Radar by Headline Shirts, $19.

Tay Puft Radar

11. Life of the Party Since 1985 by Snorg Tees, $18.95.

Life of the Party

12. The Original Wizard by Skreened, $20.49.

The Original Wizard

13. Goose by Headline Shirts, $19.


14. Good-Bye Elliot by Busted Tees, $20.

Goodbye Elliot

15. VideoRock (80’s Rockers) by Chop Shop, $20.

VideoRock (80's Rockers)

16. Give Empires A Chance by Clutch Tees, $19.95.

Give Empires A Chance

17. Ferris Bueller’s Roll Call by Found Item Clothing, $21.95.

Ferris Bueller Roll Call Experimental Jetset

18. Dr. E. Brown Enterprises by Last Exit To Nowhere, £18.

Dr. E. Brown Back To The Future

19. Glamour by Shirtcity, $22.95.


20. It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts by Andrew Gregory (Dutch Southern), $19.

It's What's Inside That Counts

21. Something Strange In Your Beverage by David Staffell (Threadless), $18.

Something Strange In Your Beverage

22. Necessity Is The Mother by Snorg Tees, $18.95.

Necessity Is The Mother

23. Tecmo Bowl Champion 1988 by DeezTeez, $14.99.

Tecmo Bowl Champion 1988

24. 1980 by Shirtcity, $19.95.


25. 1981 by Shirtcity, $19.95.


26. Venkman Stantz Spengler Paranormal Studies by Last Exit To Nowhere, £18.

Paranormal Studies (Ghostbusters)

27. Sweep The Leg by Clutch Tees, $19.95.

Sweep The Leg

28. Lambda Lambda Lambda by Found Item Clothing, $21.95.

Lambda Lambda Lambda

29. Orange Whip by Art Vandelay (Loiter Ink), $18.

Orange Whip

30. Yugo Auto by Defunkt Shirt Company, $19.99.

Yugo Auto

31. Frankie Says Relax by Shirtcity, $14.95.

Frankie Says Relax

32. The Battle by 80s Tees, $20.

The Battle

33. Shermer High by Last Exit To Nowhere, £18.

Shermer High

34. Get To Da Choppa by Clutch Tees, $19.95.

Get To Da Choppa

35. I Hammer/Sickle The 80’s by Headline Shirts, $9.

I Hammer/Sickle the 80's

36. Spinner by Last Exit To Nowhere, £12.


37. Vanilla Ice Invented Rap by T-Shirt Hell, $19.

Vanilla Ice Invented Rap

38. Greasy Tony’s by Found Item Clothing, $21.95.

Greasy Tony's

39. Transportation Magnum by 80s Tees, $24.

Transportation Magnum

40. Ultimate Warrior by 80s Tees, $24.

Ultimate Warrior

41. Hickory High School by Found Item Clothing, $21.95.

Hickory High

42. Hope by Last Exit To Nowhere, £12.


43. Flux Capacitor by NerdyShirts, $19.97.

Flux Capacitor

44. Cellphones by Skreened, $27.99.


45. Flynn’s Arcade by Found Item Clothing, $21.95.

Flynn's Arcade

46. Stock Carpenter by Ray Frenden (Dutch Southern), $20.

Stock Carpenter

47. Mr. T by Shirtcity, $19.95.


48. Classic C64 by Defunkt Shirt Company, $19.99.

Classic C64

49. LV-426 Hadley’s Hope by Last Exit To Nowhere, £18.

Hadley's Hope

50. Knight Rider by Clutch Tees, $19.95.

Knight Rider

51. I Dome Devo by 80s Tees, $24.

I Dome Devo

52. Danny and the Miracles by Homage, $28.

Danny and the Miracles

53. Arashikage Clan by 80s Tees, $20.

Arashikage Clan

54. Clash of the Titans by OlliRudi (Loiter Ink), $18.

Clash of the Titans

55. Being Bill Murray by Paul O’Sullivan (Dutch Southern), $20.

Being Bill Murray

56. Little Warrior by Louise Mundo (Threadless), $18.

Little Warrior

57. Bob Ross by 80s Tees, $24.

Bob Ross

58. Made In The 80’s by Shirtcity $22.95.

Made In The 80's

59. Nakatomi Corporation by Last Exit To Nowhere, £18.

Nakatomi Corporation

60. It’s A Hard Life by Alex Solis (Threadless), $18.

It's A Hard Life

61. Bayside Tigers by 80s Tees, $20.

Bayside Tigers

62. Hoth 45 by ZOM-BOT (Loiter Ink), $18.

Hoth 45

63. TMNT Pizza Pie Chart by 80s Tees, $24.

TMNT Pizza Chart

64. RoboShake by NerdyShirts, $19.97.


65. Where Have You Been by Skreened, $23.99.

Where Have You Been

66. Adam’s Atoms by Found Item Clothing, $21.95.

Adam's Atoms

67. Tandy by Defunkt Shirt Company, $17.


68. Miyagi by Shirtcity, $19.95.


69. Krang by 80s Tees, $24.


70. Historical Reconstitution by Vincent Bocognani (Threadless), $18.

Historical Reconstitution

71. Bartok Science Industries by Last Exit To Nowhere, £18.

Bartok Science

72. Christmas Leg Lamp by Clutch Tees, $19.95.

Christmas Leg Lamp

73. Dance Off by Andrew Gregory (Dutch Southern), $18.

Dance Off

74. 80’s Baby by Skreened, $21.99.

80's Baby

75. Watchu Talkin Bout Willis by 80s Tees, $20.

Watchu Talking Willis

76. Mikey & Brand & Mouth & Data & Junk by Found Item Clothing, $21.95.


77. Phi Slama Jama by Homage Clothing, $28.

Phi Slama Jama

78. KITT by Shirtcity, $19.95.


79. Cycle by Homage, $28.


80. Inigo Montoya by Tom Burns (Loiter Ink), $18.

Inigo Montoya

81. Trust Me. I’m A Former Pretend Doctor. by 80s Tees, $20.

Trust Me. I'm A Former Pretend Doctor.

82. A Team Van by Shirtcity, $22.95.

A Team Van

83. Hope For A Better Tomorrow by Cloxboy (Dutch Southern), $20.

Hope For A Better Tomorrow

84. Transcon Medi-Vac by Last Exit To Nowhere, £18.


85. Mr. Tee by Phil Jones (Threadless), $18.

Mr. Tee

86. Double Dribble by Homage, $14.

Double Dribble

87. Voltron by 80s Tees, $24.


88. Keep It Real Atari by Clutch Tees, $19.95.

Keep It Real

89. Blades of Steel by Homage , $28.

Blades Of Steel

90. Run D.M.C. by 80s Tees, $24.


91. Made In The 80’s by Shirtcity, $19.95.

Made In The 80's

92. Hulkamania by 80s Tees, $20.


93. Hot Like Bea by Tom Burns (Loiter Ink), $18.

Hot Like Bea

94. Alex P. Keaton for President by 80s Tees, $22.

Alex P. Keaton for President

95. Hollywood Star by NerdyShirts, $19.97.

Hollywood Star

96. Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers by 80s Tees, $24.

Chip n Dale

97. Cyberdyne Systems Skynet by Clutch Tees, $19.95.

Cyberdye Systems

98. Lao Che Air Freight by Last Exit To Nowhere, £18.

Lao Che Air Freight

99. Don’t Hustle The Hoff by Shirtcity, $19.95.

Don't Hustle the Hoff

100. Arcade Expressionism by Brock Davis (Threadless), $18.

Arcade Expressionism

101. In Love With Lisa by Might Tees, $31.99.

In Love With Lisa

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Wondering who/what some of these T-Shirts refer to? Maybe this reference guide will help you figure things out. Download the Reference Guide: [download id=”20″ format=”1″].


  1. says

    One of my all time favourite tees is my Goonies tee! Love it. I was born a few years before the 80s and agree that it was a blast – even if some of the music and clothes where questionable ;)

    Re-watched Back to the Future (1 and 2) just two nights ago… boy are those films fun!

  2. Joe says

    I wanted a Yugo shirt. I owned one of those. had a fake cell phone that got stares. Even hit 97 on the highway. Folks would drop the jaws when I passed them. In college I was the designated driver anywhere. Fit 8 people in that car for an intramural football game. That car was a blast. I wanted to make it a convertible, but it died. :(

  3. jeff p says

    It’s only appropriate that #70 is labeled “Historical Reconstitution” since Yoshi wasn’t introduced until the 90’s.