Pirate Dragon

First off, HURRY, you only have 11 more hours (at the time of this post) to score Pirate Dragon at a staggering $12! OK, I had to get that out of the way before anything else – wouldn’t want you to spend 18 bucks when you can score this for a crazy insane price.

Our friend Bo from Tilteed sent this over to me a few days ago, but, I’ve been crazy busy so I didn’t have a chance to post this one. I know, there shouldn’t be any excuses when you’re trying to take over the world with your blog, LOL. It won’t happen again.

Pirate Dragon was designed by the veteran T-Shirt artist, Alex Solis (alexmdc). I’m a big fan of Alex, so, I was a little surprised that I was caught off guard with this design. I’m usually really, really really good at spotting alexmdc pieces. Whenever a new dsign of his pops up at Threadless, I know it’s his before even seeing his name. His style is distinct, and one that I am very envious of. I think it might have been the lack of color that threw me off. Needless to say, it’s a refreshing departure from his previous efforts. I like!

Pirate Dragon is available now from Tilteed for $12. By the way, I heard from a little birdie that Pirate Dragon will be part of the permanent catalog, so don’t feel to bad if you missed it at $12 – you can still score it at $18. Not too bad for a piec eof art on your chest.

And by the way, the guys and gals at Tilteed print everything themselves and like I said my previous post – that extra love and sweat makes for a T-Shirt that is superior to anything a robotic press could make.

Pirate Dragon

Pirate Dragon

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