Frog Faced Diamonds

I enjoy receiving emails from my readers, but I enjoy even more receiving an email when it’s from a crazy faraway place like Glasgow, Scotland. The few things that I know about Scotland involve kilts, the Loch Ness Monster and Roddy Roddy Piper. And it turns out that Roddy Roddy Piper, famed WWE superstar isn’t even from Glasgow, Scotland. He’s a Canadian!

In any case, I can now add Frog Face Souply to the short list of things that I know about Scotland. Frog Face Souply is a husband and wife team that is in the business of making fun and intriguing T-Shirts. They definitely hit the sweet spot (for me, at least) with Diamonds, a shirt that was inspired by the classic Beatles track. And since we’re chatting about nonsensical and off tangent things like Roddy Piper being Canadian, did you know that Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds is not about a psychedlic LCD trip but instead was inspired by a drawing that John Lennon’s son Julian did in nursery school that featured his childhood friend, Lucy. Yes, there is a real life Lucy and sadly she recently passed away.

Diamonds is a great gem of a T-Shirt featuring graphics that will bring you back to the days of playing classic 80’s arcade games. The design was hand drawn and each shirt was screen printed by hand. And since they used a tri-color blending method, each shirt has its own unique qualities – no two shirts are the same.

Diamonds is available now from Frog Faced Souply for £22.


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