Nick Automatic’s Doodle Store Sneak Peak

To say that Nick Automatic is killing would probably be an understatement. Nick Automatic founder, Nicolo Nimor, has been hustling like crazy in his native Philippines and has built up quite a following in his homeland (and beyond). Not content with the occasional pop up shop, Nick Automatic will now have it’s own dedicated shop in Cebu City, Philippines.

Nimor plans to open the doors to his newest venture this Thursday, September 24. He even posted a sneak peak of his shop on the official Nick Automatic Facebook page. Though still a work in progress, I have to say that things are looking pretty tight. Hopefully I can nudge Nicolo into sending me a few more photos of his shop and of the grand opening?! Nicolo, you there? While we wait for those photos, check out some of the upcoming Nick Automatic tees below.

If you live in the Cebu City area or will be visiting the Philippines sometime in the near future then be sure to stop by the Nick Automatic Doodle Shop:

Door 12, Borromeo arcade blg.
F. Ramos st. CEB

Nick Automatic's Doodle Store


Nick Automatic