Calling Dungeons & Dragons Fans: Go Gnolls

Apparently, this girl plays Dungeons & Dragons and also is a ninja. What a combination. I’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons. Ever. Is it any good?

So what’s a gnoll? If you’re not hip to Dungeons & Dragons ling (like me) then let me provide you with some gnoll insight, courtesy of Wikipedia.

“In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, gnolls greatly resemble humanoid hyenas. They are usually between seven and eight feet tall, weighing around 250 to 320 pounds, and use armor made of horn, metal, or leather. Gnolls are generally depicted in the game world as feral nomads who kill and pillage without warning. Their whole bodies are covered in reddish-brown fur which becomes shorter as it surrounds their faces and clawed hands to reveal grey colored skin. Their pelts vary from mono-colored to spotted and their eyes are either yellow or black.”

Go Gnoll was designed by Lee Bretschneider and is available now from his online store, Adventuring Company, for $18.

Go Gnolls

And this is a real gnoll:


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