Co-Tee TV Episode 77: FFB Bam, SoillFu and Voltron

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear FFB Bam by Fur Face Boy and review Voltron FVR FRSH by SoillFu, an urban streetwear brand based out of Dallas, Texas.

Fur Face Boy sent me an insane amount of T-Shirts from their Series 3 Line. I will be featuring the shirts throughout Co-Tee TV Episodes 70-79 so definitely keep an eye out for even more Fur Face Boy in the coming weeks! See Episode 70 of Co-Tee TV for the Fur Face Boy full review.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Voltron FVR FRSH by SoillFu. Pros: The shirt features a custom neck tag and tag on the lower left seam. Cons: First off, the wrong size was sent to me so I could not try on the T-Shirt. I did notice a lot of stray markings on the tee. There were stray green markings on the front of the T-Shirt to both the left and right of the center Voltron design. Also, on the inside of the T-Shirt were even more stray brown markings. The sewing work on the custom tags were not done very good, a lot of stray thread  and uneven sewing (see image below). The neck area on the T-Shirt was quite dirty. Also, a quick inspection of the print of the design tells me that it had been previously washed because the ink looked faded, especially the black ink. And most alarming was the very odd odor of the T-Shirt. All of this leads me to conclude that the T-Shirt has been previously worn. I was not blown away by this product from Soillfu. All of this distracted me from the actual design, but even the design did not do it for me and would not be something that I would wear. Price: $24.00.

FFB Bam! by Fur Face Boy. Pros: Another excellent comic inspired T-Shirt from Fur Face Boy. The design itself is actually based on “Sweet Dreams Baby!” by pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein. This five-color print features a custom hang tag and neck tag, as well as a custom FFB tag on the left seam of the tee. As with all FFB tees, this shirt comes with FFB logo stickers and is packaged in a custom FFB plastic bag. Price: $32.

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  1. Mike says

    I bought a voltron tee a few weeks ago, it was nothing like that but it was amusing how they sent yu that lolol

  2. says

    Hey Mike, I seriously hope that this was a lapse in their judgment because it would seriously suck if this was the quality of goods that they sent out to their customers.

    I’m not too sure what the positive was in sending me such a T-Shirt, considering that it resulted it negative press. Most, if not all, brands that send me T-Shirts to review often send me their best stuff. They tend to be very meticulous. It’s as if these guys sent me something that they had lying around on the workshop floor.

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