Ben Does Life

On December 25th 2008, Ben Davis decided to get his life in order. He was a young guy that weighed 360 pounds. He was obese and miserable. And so Ben decided to make a change. He decided to do life. He decided to do life in a healthy way. He started by doing short jogs, then he did a 5K, then he did a 10K and then he did a sprint triathlon. He didn’t stop there. He kept running and eventually did a full marathon and then he completed an Ironman. Ben has lost 120+ pounds since his journey first started.

Watch the following video and you will be touched. And hopefully, you’ll be inspired to start leaving a healthier life.

To track his progress, Ben started a Tumblr blog to track his journey and weight loss. Since he first started his blog in 2008, he has built up quite a following. In fact, his story was recently featured on the Today Show and subsequently went viral on the Internet. And now, he has a T-Shirt.

“Yes, I decided to make a Do Life T-shirt and I’m really excited with the way they came out. I’ve always loved the idea of “doing life” as a message; a message of not just losing weight or becoming a runner, but becoming a better person in all aspects of life, so I made a shirt to go along with that idea.”

The shirts are priced at $13.50 and are available now at Ben Does Life.

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