FAQ Clothing’s Unique Booth at Unique LA

Our friend Sam Irvani from FAQ Clothing recently sent over some really amazing photos from his makeshift booth at the recent Unique LA Independent Design and Gift Show. He didn’t send over any specific details as to how he constructed the booth, but from what I can tell, he creatively used a lot of corrugated cardboard boxes. I can imagine many booths spending a nice sum on money on fancy (and large) banners to decorate their booth. This FAQ booth, on the other hand, theoretically could have cost nothing! All you really need is a friend with access to a lot of cardboard boxes (for instance, let’s say he works in one of those storage houses or is the stock boy at a department store) and you are set. Definitely a brilliant idea. And I’m sure they got a lot of foot traffic from people who simply wanted to look at the booth construction.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the actual tees from FAQ Clothing then please head on over to their online shop! They’ve got a neat set of cloud inspired T-Shirts that I think you should check out.

If you’d like to check out even more neat Unique LA booth photos, please check out a recap that I did earlier this year with the help of our friends at Milk & Eggs Co.

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