9 T-Shirt Top 10′s of 2010

As the year comes to an end, I’d like to present to you 10 of my very own T-Shirt Top 10’s from 2010. I did this last year and it was a hit, so hear we go again! You should note that the T-Shirts posted here are listed in no particular order and are heavily based on tees that I’ve blogged about here in the past year. 2010 was an amazing year for T-Shirts and I can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for us all. What were your top 10 tees of 2010?

I should note that there a few changes form last year. First, there are 9 categories this year, instead of the 10. I removed the top 10 Emptees tees because I didn’t really check out their tees section as much as I should have in 2010. Also, the Top 10 Geek and Top 10 Typography tees lists were replaced with Top 10 Parody and Top 10 T-Shirt Related Non-T-Shirts lists. Enjoy!

*Once Again, the lists are presented in no particular order.

Top 10 T-Shirts of 2010

There were a billion T-Shirts released in 2010 but only a few really great ones. The following 10 tees are my picks for the Top 10 tees of 2010. Like last year, I own 5 of the 10 tees here and let’s just say they are on regular rotation in my T-Shirt wardrobe. I absolutely love each of the designs featured on this Top 10 list!

1. Easier Said Than Done by Ugmonk. This is by far one of my favorite tees of 2010 – to say that I’ve worn it a lot is an uderstatement.

2. FFB Whip It by Fur Face Boy. My favorite shirt from the the Fur Face Boy Series III collection. The FFB Raglan comes in at a close second!

3. Rhino Hunter by SharpShirter. This shirt was officially released in 2009 and I reviewed it in late December 2009, BUT, I wore the heck out of this tee in 2010. I love this shirt. And as you can tell, in 2010 I loved purple.

4. Technicolour Rex by Elisha Hale (Threadless). Alright, so this is the first tee on this particular top 10 that I don’t own. This is mainly because, it’s very much a new Threadless design. It was released just a couple of weeks ago and I just haven’t had the chance to pick it up. But I will. Guaranteed.

5. Super Doctor Hazmat by Doctor Hazmat. I adore this T-Shirt! It’s so fun, so nostalgic and just plain geeky good on so many levels.

6. Unstoppable Andy by George Soto. How could this T-Shirt not make my Top 10 T-Shirts of 2010 list? After all, Unstoppable Andy was inspired by a blog post that I wrote. Yep, seriously. You can read all about it here.

7. Steve-In-Sane by MightTees. What? Two Steve Jobs themed tees on this list? That’s right, I am a MacHead. Plus, the previous shirt was more of a pro Android themed tee! Anywho – wonderful T-Shirt from our buddies over at MightTees. I don’t own this one, but I just might have to pick it up.

8. We Did This To Ourselves by Jonathan Lax aka Yonil (Design by Humans). This T-Shirt deserves to be on this list because of the fact that it won the 2010 DBH 10K contest. Kudos Yonil!

9. ROAU by Olly Moss (Shirt.Woot). What’s not to love about this T-Shirt design? It features Robocop and a freakin’ Unicorn! A UNICORN! Again: Robocop on top of a UNICORN! Another favorite of mine this year was Robocopper from Shirt.Woot (and also designed by Olly Moss). I guess Olly really like Robocop?

10. Too Big 2 Fail by GAMA-GO. Hilarious shirt from our friends at GAMA-GO! I should also note that I especially loved Yeti Kong in 2010, especially since I was able to pick it up myself at the GAMA-GO boutique in San Francisco – score!

Top 10 Co-Tee TV Reviewed Tees of 2010

2010 saw 32 fresh new episodes of Co-Tee TV, here are some of my favorite T-Shirts that I’ve reviewed on Co-Tee TV this year. Watch and enjoy!

1. Super Doctor Hazmat by Doctor Hazmat. Reviewed In Episode 79: Fancy FFB, Doctor Hazmat and Vintage NES

2. Design Your Own Goblin by Goblin Culture Reinvention. Reviewed in Episode 78: Licensed To FFB, Goblin Culture and Pencils

3. Starved by Akumu Ink. Reviewed in Episode 76: Electric Oceans D&A, Akumu Ink and Bats

4. Les Gens Courageux by Vaughn de Heart. Reviewed in Episode 72: Fantastic Fur Face Boy, Vaughn De Heart and a French Lesson

5. Whip It by Fur Face Boy. Reviewed In Episode 70: Guilty Pleasures, Fur Face Boy and Whip It

6. Bodega by Regan Smith Clarke. Reviewed in Episode 63: Ban T-Shirts, Regan Smith Clarke and Bodega

7. Always In The Shadows by You’re History. Reviewed in Episode 62: Bird Brain, You’re History and Jack The Ripper

8. A box of goodies sent to me from Johnny Cupcakes. Reviewed in Episode 61: Johnny Cupcakes and The Suitcase Tour

9. Say Anything (Steve Jobs) by Might Tees. Reviewed in Episode 53: The Mothership, Might Tees and Apple

10. Fistachio by Maiden Voyage Clothing Co. Reviewed in Episode 52: Geeks, Maiden Voyage and a Big Mustache

Top 10 Packaging Reviewed on Co-Tee TV of 2010

When reviewing tees, I LOVE to examine and dissect the packaging. To me, the packaging often tells whether the brand has that special X-Factor. Each of the ten brands below had spectacular packaging in 2010.

1. MightTees. Reviewed in Episode 82: Mystery Tees, MightTees and Geordi La Forge

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2. Goblin Culture Reinvention. Reviewed in Episode 78: Licensed To FFB, Goblin Culture and Pencils

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3. Akumu Ink. Reviewed in Episode 76: Electric Oceans D&A, Akumu Ink and Bats

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4. Vaughn de Heart. Reviewed in Episode 72: Fantastic Fur Face Boy, Vaughn De Heart and a French Lesson

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5. Fur Face Boy. Reviewed in Episode 70: Guilty Pleasures, Fur Face Boy and Whip It

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6. Dead Bury Dead. Reviewed in Episode 68: To The Sea, Dead Bury Dead and Maggie’s Pharm

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7. Teezeria. Reviewed in Episode 67: iSteamMac, Teezeria and Bang-On

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8. Charlie Noble. Reviewed in Episode 66: Japanese Monkeys, Charlie Noble and Sailors

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9. Enso Threads. Reviewed in Episode 55: Teenage Mutant Artists, Enso Threads and the Moment

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10. Maiden Voyage by Craig Damrauer. Reviewed in Episode 52: Geeks, Maiden Voyage and a Big Mustache

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Top 10 Favorite Indie Brands of 2010

I found myself constantly talking about these ten companies throughout the year. Take a look at these ten brands and you will get a sense of the style and type of design I enjoy. The asterisks mean that they were also on this list in 2009.

1. Fur Face Boy. The second half of 2010 saw a lot of Fur Face Boy coverage on my blog. That’s because the founder (thanks Ha Mai!) sent me a box filled with Series III T-Shirts! Needless to say, I was impressed and stoked.

2. Tilteed. Our friends at Tilteed had an amazing 2010 and released some of the best contest based designs on the Internet! Plus, we got to follow our buddy dunz0 while she interned at Tilteed!

3. Nick Automatic. Fresh, big, bold and full of character. I became a big fan of Nick Automatic and founder Nicolo Nimor’s artwork. He even opened up his own boutique shop in the Philippines. I think Nick Automatic will explode in 2011.

4. Made With Awesome. These guys are always so much fun, fun, fun! Each of their T-Shirts ooze awesome. Plus, the founders are Threadless veterans so they know what they are doing!

5. MightTees. These guys are my favorite purveyors of Mac/Apple/Geek themed T-Shirts. If you are a nerd then you’ll love MightTees!

6. Akumu Ink. Akumu Ink consists of two members: Joey the illustrator/designer/screen printer, and Dora who takes care of customer service and all things business. Their shirts are perfect for anyone with a horror fetish!

7. Regan Smith Clarke. I’ve been keeping a close eye on Regan Smith Clarke and I have to say that I have been very impressed by what I saw in 2010. Those of you who enjoy vintage and well thought out typography and design will love Regan Smith Clarke.

8. Gama-Go. Our friends at Gama-Go consistently put out laugh out loud tees throughout the year, many of which I featured on this blog. I also had a chance to visit the Gama-Go boutique in San Francisco, awesome experience!

9. Milk & Eggs Co*. These guys made our Top 10 Brands list of 2009, and here they are again! I can’t say how much I am a fan of their work – I  love me some Milk & Eggs Co.

10. Ugmonk*. Also making my Top 10 Brands list two years in row is Ugmonk. If you read this blog consistently then you know how much of a fan I am of Ugmonk and founder Jeff Sheldon’s typography work.

Top 10 T-Shirt Designers of 2010

And these were my favorite T-Shirt designers of 2010. So much good stuff, it was so hard to narrow the list down to just 10 (so I included two extra). The asterisks mean that they were also on this list in 2009.

1. Ha Mai. This is the guy behind Fur Face Boy. I just love how he incorporates the things that he loves into his designs. You can feel his passion for art, comics, video games, music, and life oozzing from his tees. Ha Mai was my favorite T-Shirt designer of 2010.

2. Anthony Brian Villafuerte aka Zerobriant. This guy came super close to winning the DBH 10K contest this year. He also released one of my favorite DBH tees, Freedom Fighter.

3. Jonathan Lax aka Yonil. This artist had a huge year. How huge? How about $10,000 huge! Yonil won the Design By Humans 10K contest with his design, We Did This To Ourselves.

4. Olly Moss*. I love everything that Olly Moss puts out. And yes, he was on my Top 10 Designers list of 2009.

5. Emmy Cicierega. Emmy was the big 2010 Bestees Design of the Year winner at Threadless with her design, It’s Toile About You. If you thought the $10,000 Design By Humans prize was a lot then you’ll be shocked to hear that Emmy won $20,000 from Threadless for her design! Can I have some?

6. Jeff Sheldon*. Once again, Jeff Sheldon is in my Top 10 Designers list (he was on the 2009 list). He keeps getting better and better and I just can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in 2011. Ugmonk will be bigger than ever in 2011.

7. Sean Mort. Sean seems to be doing more poster work than tee designs, but when he does design a tee it is awesome. The Gaming Revolution was one of my top tees of 2009 and Evil Comes In All Sizes was one of my favorite tees of 2010.

8. Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini / Ian Leino. At the number 9 spot it was a toss up. I loved the work that both these artists delivered in 2011. Alvaro had some awesome Threadless prints and Ian was consistently featured on Teefury and even opened his own online shop. Keep an eye on both these artists in 2011.

9. Jonah Block aka biotwist. I’ve noticed a lot of biotwist artwork pop up in 2010. He has got a cool, hip and sometimes minimalist style that I really dig!

10. David Schwen / Enkel Dika. Both of these artists had a huge year with multiple prints at Threadless. Again, a toss up for me and I thought that both deserved mention!

Top 10 T-Shirt Related Non-T-Shirts of 2010

1. The Threadless Book Special Edition Hardcover with Sketchbook by Jake Nickell.

2. Polar Beer: Pint Glass by Ian Leino

3. Crossbones Umbrella by Johnny Cupcakes

4. Mustache Cookie Cutter Set by Fuzzy Ink

5. Posters by Olly Moss

6. Chef Barski Toy by Pyknic

7. Torso: T-Shirt Graphics Exposed by Daniel Eckler

8. Wotto Wallet No.2 – Wonderful Worm by Wotto

9. Zombie Liquorice Belt Buckle by Zombie Liquorice

10. And Then I Woke Up (Mug) by Ugmonk

Top 10 Parody Shirts of 2010

1. Something Strange, In Your Beverage… by David Staffell (Threadless)

2. Smokebuster by Nacho Diaz Arjona (Threadless)

3. Be Good by Glennz Tees

4. GandALF by Bunker Designs

5. Little FFB by Fur Face Boy

6. Who’s Who by Ian Leino (Teefury)

7. Constant by fftkrazzee (Teefury)

8. Late Night Barbarian by Enkel Dika

9. I’m With CoCo by Mike Mitchell

10. Polar Beer by Ian Leino

Top 10 Places To Buy A Funny T-Shirt

I love me a good funny T-Shirt and these guys delivered the best funny tees in 2010! The asterisks mean that they were also on this list in 2009.

1. Glennz Tees.

2.  Hipster Hitler.

3. Busted Tees*.

4. Kosher Ham*.

5. Soge Shirts.

6. Headline Shirts.

7. Goodie Two Sleeves.

8. Dos Chicos Tees.

9. Split Reason.

10. NerdyShirts*.

Top 10 Threadless Tees of 2010

To say I follow Threadless is a gross understatement. I am mad about Threadless. Coty Loves Threadless. Here are 10 of my favorite Threadless releases of 2010.

1. Friendly Beasts by Hillary White

2. Late Night Barbarian by Enkel Dika

3. Renaissance Rocks by Enkel Dika

4. Historical Reconstitution by Vincent Bocognani

5. Don’t Care Bears by Alex Solis

6. Khaki Kickflip by Nick Kohler

7. Dark Raven by Ben Chen

8. Hans Off My Cookie! by Philip Tseng

9. This Is Not the Eye Chart You’re Looking For by David Schwen

10. Technicolour Rex by Elisha Hale

We’ve reached the conclusion of the final epic list of 2010! I can’t wait to do it all over again in 2011. If you enjoyed this article I would very much appreciated a little retweet or post to your Facebook page! Help to spread the word so that more people can discover these wonderful tees, indie brands and artists!