Shirt Status: Wear Your Facebook Status

Shirt Status proclaims that you should turn your Facebook status into an actual T-Shirt. Not an entirely new concept, but it is interesting in that they offer a semi-easy way for you to do this without you needing to tinker too much in a graphics program. Basically, they start you off with a default Facebook status laid on top of basic template design, akin to the Facebook status thought bubble. What’s neat is that you can change the status to whatever you like and they’ll print it for you … errr, Spreadshirt will print it for you.

Interesting concept, but, there are some flaws, in my opinion. First of all, they use Spreadshirt, which means YOU (without the help of Shirt Status) could easily design your own T-Shirt in a similar style, even if you’re not a Photoshop guru. Secondly, if you did do it yourself via Spreadshirt then you would probably pay less because you’re making it for yourself and won’t need to mark it up for profit (unless of course you’d like to charge yourself more than you’d like, then by all means go ahead). Finally, if you did do it yourself then the you won’t be stuck with the Shirt Status logo on the shirt (making it a bit more Facebook-ish).

So if you’re in the market for a Facebook status themed T-Shirt then I’d say 1. Use Shirt Status if you’re lazy and just want your product as quickly and as easily as possible, and 2. Don’t use Shirt Status if you think you can design your own status graphic (easy) and would like a cleaner look.

Shirt Status T-Shirts are available now for $19.95.



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