Faces of Death 2010: A Collection of Popular Deaths

This T-Shirt by Milton Carter is a bit grim if you think about it, but I am sure that it is all in good fun. Some might even think of Faces of Death 2010 as an homage to some of the celebrities that we looked up to. The T-Shirt features a wide collection of celebrities and pop culture icons who passed away in the 2010.

The T-Shirt features “a collection of recently dead celebrities ranging from cultural lumiaries (Lousie Bourgeois, Dennis Hopper, Alexander McQueen, Lena Horne, J.D. Salinger) to musical greats (Guru, Ronnie James Dio, Alex Chilton, Solomon Burke, Malcolm McLaren) to pop culture icons (Tony Curtis, Corey Haim, Jimmy Dean, Gary Coleman, George Steinbrenner).”

Faces of Death 2010 is available now from Milton Carter’s Etsy site for $20.

The concept of a The Faces of Death T-Shirt originates way back in 1997, when M. Carter published an image of the deceased from the year (1997) in a zine called Gank. The series then continues in 2002 when Carter screen printed a T-shirt featuring 2002 deaths in his kitchen. Following 2002, Carter went on to make versions of Faces of Death for 2009 and 2010.

I actually think these are pretty neat. It is at the very least an interesting way to remember people that we may have admired. Below you’ll find some images from the 1997, 2002, and 2009 versions of Faces of Death.

Homonyms: A Reel Waist of Thyme

I spotted this Homonyms T-Shirt over at Mental Floss (why don’t I subscribed to this magazine?) and thought it was uber witty. I then found the video below on YouTube and  now my view of homonyms will never be the same. I should note that if you’re at work, the video below is somewhat NSFW.

Did you know that there are actually two different types of homonyms? Yep:

A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning. The words may be spelled the same, such as rose (flower) and rose (past tense of “rise”), or differently, such as carat, caret, and carrot, or to, two, and too.


A homograph is a word or a group of words that share the same written form but have different meanings. When spoken, the meanings may be distinguished by different pronunciations (in which case the words are also heteronyms) or they may not (in which case the words are also both homophones and homonyms according to the definition of homonyms as words with the same writing and pronunciation; however, in a looser sense the term “homonym” may be applied to words with the same writing or pronunciation, in which case all homographs are also homonyms).

Anyhow, here’s an interesting venn diagram showing the relationships between homographs (yellow) and related linguistic concepts.

In any case, you can grab the very awesome Homonym T-Shirt from Mental Floss now for $17.97.

365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 4 – Making of Punk Rock Cock Throw Pillow

The great thing about the 365 Days of T-Shirts Project is that I don’t need to do something complicated every day. Today, I post a few photos that I took while the Punk Rock Cock Throw Pillow was being made. Those hands are my mom’s hands. She refused to allow me to video record her doing her thing! Enjoy!

Day 4: Making of Punk Rock Cock Throw Pillow

And of course, you can view the completed Punk Rock Cock Throw Pillow here.

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Baby Inside: Reveal Your Inner Youth by Evian

Aren’t these T-Shirts just too cute? They’re actually part of a marketing campaign from the French brand of mineral water, Evian. The Live Young campaign has actually been going on throughout 2010, but only recently did I catch a glimpse of the T-Shirts. And apparently, the commercials also went viral on YouTube with over 32 million views for the international version. Oddly enough, there is a US version of the commercial but I am yet to see it play here in the states.

Brilliant campaign? I think so. I think that anything that involves babies strikes a nerve, because, well, we’ve all been there done that.

The Baby Inside T-Shirts are available now from the Evian Shop for 30 Euro (~$40 US).

Speaking of babies, have any of you seen the Babies movie? If cuteness is your thing then this movie is a must watch. I didn’t know that a 79 minute documentary featuring the first year of four different babies from across the globe would be so entertaining. If you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest you check it out. However, if you’re on the fence when it comes to having babies of your own, then I’d suggest you stay away from this movie because by the end you’ll want nothing more than to have one.

365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 3 – Threadless Punk Rock Cock Throw Pillow

Don’t get me wrong, I love each of my Threadless tees. However, my Punk Rock Cock T-Shirt suffered from a stretched out collar. As such, it wasn’t so great for wearing anymore. So it sat, unsued, in my drawer for a long time. That was until I came up with the idea to turn Aled Lewis’ classic tee into a one-of-a-kind Threadless throw pillow.

Although I came up with the idea, I have to say thank you to my mom for having the know how to actually make it into a tangible product. Thanks mom!

Having said that, the pillow is super comfy and very stylish – I Love It! I should also note that screen printed tag from the T-Shirt is sewn on to the back of the pillow (I thought that would be cool). We were originally going to use the entire T-Shirt for the pillow cover (minus the green), but the punk rock cock graphic was situated in such a way that it would have been impossible to cut a perfect square without the cock being off-center. So instead, we decided to cut a tight square around the cock and then use green fabric for the rest of the pillow. Doing this added a nice border around the front graphic.

Day 3: Custom Punk Rock Cock Throw Pillow


  1. Used Punk Rock Cock T-Shirt ($20)
  2. 16-inch Polyester All-Purpose Zipper – Natural Creme Color ($1.68)
  3. 16″ X 16″ Pillow Insert ($6.37)
  4. White Thread
  5. Scissors
  6. Pins
  7. Ruler
  8. Pencil
  9. Sewing Machine
  10. Mom that knows how to sew

This throw pillow was inspired by Punk Rock Cock by Aled Lewis.

How many of you would be interested in purchasing this pillow? Or maybe would be interested in having a custom Threadless pillow made especially for you for a nominal fee (i.e. you choose a Threadless tee and then I buy it, make it and then ship it to you)? Comment and let me know!

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Two Peas … In A Pod

Know someone that you just can’t stay away from? Well, this is just the shirt for you! Two Peas In A Pod is a pair of teas from Lil’ LoveDriven that will appeal to anyone who appreciates all things cute. But seriously, if you don’t thing this T-Shirt is cute then something must be wrong with you. Think of all the possibilities, you could wear this T-Shirt when you and your significant other:

  1. Go shopping together
  2. Watch a sports game together
  3. Go Jogging together
  4. Eat together
  5. Watch a movie together

You get the idea, right? This T-Shirt is pretty much perfect anytime you and yours do something together. Well, in theory it is. I’m not so sure how great of an idea it would be in practice. Maybe the first couple of times, at the very least! Still, that doesn’t take away from the cute factor!

Two Peas In A Pod is available now from Lil’ LoveDriven for $24.99. You choose both a male and female sized T-Shirt and you receive both with your order!

365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 1 – Printable T-Shirt Journal

Hello, you’ve just discovered the 365 Days of T-Shirts Project! I’ll be making something fun, T-Shirt related and (hopefully) cool for each day of 2011. Please wish me luck because I’ll need it if plan to finish the project!

Day 1: Printable T-Shirt Journal

You’re a T-Shirt fan and you’ve got a ton of T-Shirts, but no real way to keep track of them all. Say hello to the Printable T-Shirt Journal. Use this printable journal to collect and organize your passion for T-Shirts.

Tools: Stick Glue, 3-Hole Puncher


1. Print the included template using a color printer.
2. If you use thick stock paper you’ll be able to print double sided (recommended).
3. Either fold in half to make a small book or use a 3-hole puncher so that you can place your journal pages in a binder.
4. Start cataloging your T-Shirt collection!

This journal page was inspired by the various journals by Moleskine.

Download the [download id=”21″ format=”1″]

This is what a sample page looks like when it’s all filled out!

This is a closer look at the Opinion / Notes section, as well as the 5 star rating system!

I provide you with a 8.5 X 11 inch page. You can print it out and fold it to make a mini book, or you can use a hole puncher and put your pages neatly inside a binder!

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Happy New Year and Hello 2011

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Way back in 2009 when my site was just a few months old, I began the new year with a Happy New Year/Goals post much like this one. By the end of 2009 I found that I had exceeded most of my goals and fell just short of accomplishing the rest. I did the same in 2010. I set some pretty lofty goals for myself, but I have to say that I did pretty darn well! With 2011 on the horizon, I reflect back on 2010 and look forward to 2011 with another set of goals for my namesake blog!

Let’s first take a look at how I did with my goals for 2010:

1. Continue to build on goals 1-5 from 2009. The goal here was to see monthly unique readership improve from 17,000 in 2009 to 25,000-30,000 unique visitors in 2010. The actual numbers say that in 2010, the average number of monthly unique visitors to the blog was 41,000, with approximately 500,000+ people visiting the blog in 2010. Awesome! Furthermore, the peak month in 2009 saw 75,000, whereas the peak month in 2010 saw over 120,000 unique visitors. In 2009 I was fluctuating between 500-600 RSS subscribers. In 2010, I saw my RSS subscriptions rise to above 1000 subscribers. Beautiful! I wanted to do about 45-50 posts a month, but it ended up being more like 30 posts per month in 2010. I did zero guest blogging in 2010, even though I aspired to guest blog at 5 other blogs. Another goal of mine was to do 12 different contests and giveaways and it looks like I also accomplished this goal! I counted 9 different giveaways on my blog and 3 more giveaways specifically for my Facebook fans. Goal pretty much accomplished!

2. Continue the tradition of the epic post. I wanted to do 12 list posts this year, a major 101 epic post every month. How’d I do? Pretty darn good. Although they weren’t all 101 items long, I did do 12 of them and they were each epic in their own way (at least I think so). Goal accomplished!

101 T-Shirts for Apple Fanboys and the Mac Faithful!
101 LOST T-Shirts For The Ultimate LOST Fanatic
101 Bacon Products for Fans of the Other White Meat
SXSW 2010: A Haven for Geeky and Techie T-Shirts!
101 Nintendo T-Shirts For The Ultimate Nintendo Gamer
108 LOST T-Shirts To Celebrate The End Including 20 You Can’t Buy
76 Threadless T-Shirts From Sketch To Print
NBA Championship T-Shirts From 1980-2010 + Great Finals Moments
101 T-Shirts For Social Media Gurus, Facebook Fans and Twitter Addicts
101 T-Shirts To Help You Relive The 1980′s
Massive List of Black Friday T-Shirt Deals and Steals
9 T-Shirt Top 10′s of 2010

3. Get cited by a major news source in print and on the web. So 2010 ended up being a big year for this blog getting cited in major websites. My original 101 Lost T-Shirts blog post landed on Entertainment Weekly’s Twitter feed (over 1.4 million followers) and crashed my website in record time (I was able to get it back up in minutes). And then once I got the blog back up and running Carlton Cuse, one of the main writers and producers of Lost also sent out a tweet mentioning my post. This was huge. And again, our friends over at USA Today’s POP Candy blog also mentioned both of my Lost posts. Oh, and as far as newspapers go, my local paper, the Honolulu Advertiser ran a lost article that also made a mention of my epic Lost post. I jumped up and cheered! Likewise, I nearly fainted when my 101 Apple T-Shirt list was posted on both Gizmodo and MacLife. I’ve been a subscriber to MacLife magazine (when it used to be called MacAddict) since the mid 90’s, so you can imagine how excited I was. Goal accomplished!

4. Make at least 5 items go viral. Now this was a toughie, especially for a small niche blog like mine. I hit just above my mark of two 100,000 views posts, with three blog posts gaining over 100,000 pageviews. These included my 101 Science T-Shirts list (surpassed 200,000), 101 Nintendo T-Shirts list, and 101 Lost T-Shirts list. A fourth post came very close, but just missed the mark at 81,000 pageviews. I found it remarkable that in October, November, and December there was major Stumbleupon traffic to my 101 Nintendo T-Shirts list, which was published way back in April 2010. Not bad, not bad at all! Goal not accomplished.

5. Have fun. I’ve definitely had a LOT of fun this year with this blog, both online and offline! It’s great to see the blog grow and grow with each passing month. However, some of the offline experiences that I’ve had with my readers have been even more rewarding. For instance, while in NYC this past summer, I was able to meet up with Carlos EasyBake of Oven Fresh Dreams, as well as Brian Shevlin from Year of the T-Shirt. Hopefully 2011 will bring even bigger and better things! Goal accomplished!

2010 turned out to be a big year for CotyGonzales.com, but what does 2011 have in store? Whatever it is, I hope that it’ll be big! Let’s start with some goals that I have set for this blog in 2011.

1. Updated the blog theme and add categories. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now and I think that 2011 is the year that I do it! Another thing that I want to do is implement categories. When my blog first started, it was more of a lifestream blog, in which I blogged about everything in my life (hence, the name of the domain). But then I figured out the importance of a niche. Unfortunately, since then I have been using a single category for nearly all my posts – T-Shirts. Of course, I’d have to go back through each and every posts and re-categorize each one based on T-Shirt genre (i.e. Humor, Political, Parody, etc.). It’ll be a nightmare, but it’s been something that I’ve been wanting to do in forever.

2. Implement an ad system. Firstly, don’t worry, I won’t have this blog overrun with ads and blinking GIFs. That’s the last thing that I would want. However, I do feel that now is a perfect time to implement some kind of ad system to the blog. I’ve gained a loyal readership, I have nice traffic numbers, the search engines are good to me, and people have been inquiring about ads. So, why not? This will go hand-in-hand with the updated blog theme. Both are easy to talk about, but difficulty to actually implement (because of laziness), especially when you’ve got a site that’s been working perfectly fine the last 2 years.

3. Continue to increase monthly unique readership. In 2010 the average monthly unique visitors were 41,000. I’d like to see this number jump to 50,000 – 60,000 unique monthly visitors. That would be amazing. At this point, I am not too worried about RSS subscribers. I feel as if RSS feeds are indeed a dying technology and increasingly not as important as they used to be. So, I’ll still keep an eye on my RSS feed numbers, but I won’t worry too much about them.

4. Continue to be social and increase Facebook fans. At present, I have 561 Facebook fans. By the end of 2011 I would love to see this number rise to 1000 Facebook fans. That would be amazing. Also, I’d love to continue with the giveaways and site related contests. Let’s shoot for another 12 giveaways in 2011!

5. Make at least 5 items go viral. I wasn’t satisfied with having just 3 items go viral last year (as indicated by 100,000 pageviews on a single post). I want 5. I really want 5. Not sure why, but I want it.

6. Have fun. This is my goal every year and I think that it’s an important one. Once the fun aspect disappears, I worry that interest will begin to also disappear. Let’s look forward to a fun and prosperous 2011!

I’ll leave you now with some of my travel photos from 2010! What a great year, I can’t wait for 2011!

My visit Jon Wye’s boutique in New York City, August 2010.

That’s me alongside the biggest dream of them all, Carlos of Oven Fresh Dreams, August 2010.

Me posing at PikaPika in JapanTown, San Francisco, in one of my favorite T-Shirts ever (Hello by Buddy Carr), March 2010.

I’m all Fuzzy Ink’d out in San Francisco, March 2010.

That’s me in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia all decked out in Made With Awesome gear, March 2010.

Say hello to Mr. Brian Shevlin of Year of the T-Shirt. He wore a 365 different T-Shirts in 2010, August 2010.

Ugmonk in Central Park, August 2010.

Brooklyn Bridge

That’s me and Michelle representing Fur Face Boy in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, August 2010.