Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is is a cute little iPhone themed T-Shirt that I discovered while perusing Daring Fireball. Apple pundit, John Gruber, had posted a link to Shawn Blanc’s new membership based website. It just so happened, that he was doing a giveaway during the weekend and one of the prizes was this Home Is Where The Heart Is T-Shirt. Considering that it was a T-Shirt, I decided to check out, not even knowing that it was Apple/iPhone themed. It turned out to be indeed just that, an Apple inspired iPhone themed T-Shirt. I was in love.

The shirt very much reminds of my favorite Milk & Eggs Co T-Shirt, Slide To Unlock. Both tees are very simple, and yet very recognizable to any iPhone or iPad user. The Home Is Where The Heart Is tee is a product from First & 20, a website that is dedicated to collecting and showing off iPhone and iPad home screens from some of the web’s most talented designer, developers and tech writers. If you’re itching to see what’s on the home screen of your favorite techie’s iOS device, then First & 20 should be your first stop.

Home Is Where The Heart Is is printed on an asphalt American Apparel T-Shirt and is available now from First & 20 for $20.

By the way, are you wondering what the home screen of my iPhone looks like? Well, here it is:

You can barely make her out, but that’s my chihuahua gracing my wallpaper. She’s a sexy beast. What does your iPhone or iPad’s home screen look like? Link it up in the comments so I can take a look ;)

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