Say Hello To ShirtDeck

Good friend and fellow T-Shirt blogger, Andy from Hide Your Arms, recently revealed his latest T-Shirt project – ShirtDeck. His latest site, is quite similar to The Tee Directory in that it is dedicated to offering T-Shirt coupon codes. ShirtDeck not only provides a nice, at-a-glance view of the latest coupon codes, but it also allows you to search for specific coupon codes that you are hunting for. What’s even better, if you have a coupon code that you want to share, there’s an easy Share A Coupon button that you can click to submit your coupon. It’s so easy, it’s insane.

ShirtDeck is a project that was launched in 2011 by Andrew Bowness (owner of t-shirt & hoodie blog Hide Your Arms) as a means to collect and share coupon codes and deals from small (sometimes called ‘indie’) clothing companies. The intention of the site is to ensure that people can get cool clothes for the best price possible, and hopefully promote some cool indie brands at the same time.

Just a little back story, the original idea for ShirtDeck was for it to be a “marketplace where people could buy and sell second hand and rare t-shirts.” Keep you’re eye out for a similar type of website from Andy in the future. I should also note that along with ShirtDeck, savvy coupon hunters should also check out my Attack of the Coupon Codes section on this site!


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