Rethink Clothing Bites The Dust – Big Closeout Sale!

Our good friend Andy Meyer, founder of Rethink Clothing, has decided to close down Rethink Clothing. He has spearheaded the branded for the last 4 years, and has been around since Day 1 of me becoming a T-Shirt blogger. Rethink Clothing was one of the first brands that I posted about, interviewed and even video reviewed. His Super Soaker tee will always be one of my all time favorite T-Shirts. I wish Andy the best of luck for all of his future endeavors, I’m sure they will be as big and as bold as Rethink Clothing was!


A few reasons. The first being things just came together, I can’t elaborate for certain super top secret ninja reasons. Second, it was time for me to move on. I love Rethink and have put countless nights, weekends, and free time into it. I have grown a lot, met some awesome artists and found an area of my life I enjoy pursuing. Lastly, we were attacked by Dinosaurs and they ate our offices, so that might have played into it as well…


Since the decision to close came along rather quick, I haven’t exactly determined what is next. It may be another clothing company it may not be. It might be me pursuing some personal growth in e-commerce. It may also be me learning the fine art of finally relaxing and sleeping normal hours and being a good Fiance.


The list of people to thank is long. From all my friends, customers, artists, and bloggers. Everyone played a strong role in the making Rethink a success. I mean Rethink was featured on everything from MTV to Businessweek and some of the webs top blogs, engadget, uncrate, not cot, and some other awesome sites.


Rethink was awesome. Shit, when it first started I was an idiot. I learned a ton, grew a lot and made a decently successful clothing company from nothing. I have had a ton of fun along the way. In the end I am happy I get to walk away on my terms. I just hope the college artists I used have another way to make beer money…

Now let’s celebrate buying buying some awesome tees on the cheap! Everything in the Rethink shop has been marked down, with tees priced as low as $5. You better buy your favorites while you still can!

Ugmonk: Minimal Series

Are you a minimal person? Ugmonk steps out of the box, a little, with their new Minimal Series. I say “a little” because, well, they’ve always been about minimalism. Maybe a better name for this collection would have been Shapes. Cubes, circles and triangles are featured on the new tees. I must say that I’m quite the fan of Mountains, (the triangle tee). The design and color selection contrast nicely on the black T-Shirt.

“Today we are introducing the new Minimal Series: 3 designs focused on shape, form and simplicity. We’ll keep the words to a minimum and let the designs do all the talking.”

The new minimal T-Shirts are available now at Ugmonk for $24 a piece, but you can use the coupon code “SPRING20″ at checkout for an additional 20% off your entire order (valid until May 15).

Now wouldn’t it be cool if the T-Shirts came shipped shaped in the shape the shirt is featuring?

The Official Threadless iPhone App Reviewed

I’ve reviewed a couple of Threadless iPhone apps in the past, notably Threads by Ian Marsh and ♥s Threadless by Hung Truong. Both were pretty okay apps, but they left more to be desired. First off, I’m surprised that Threadless waited this long to release an iOS app. Mobile is where it’s at, and I’m so stoked that they’ve finally entered the mobile game.

So let’s take a look at what the Threadless app has to offer. First off, you’re presented with a menu bar featuring 6 different options that you can tap on. The first two options, the “Home” and “The Challenge”, don’t offer much. The “Home” button, basically provide links for you to score designs or shop for tees. But, there are already options in the menu to do those things, so that’s a little redundant. “The Challenge” menu brings you to four screens that you can swipe to the left or to the right that tell you what Threadless is all about. They’ve also got news on current design challenge (right now, they mention the iPhone case challenge). And once again, they offer a page that links to yet another page were you can score designs. So far, three different links that you can click so that you can score designs. They must really want you to score designs! But once again, a little redundant, no?! I think that they could have probably consolidated both the “Home” and “The Challenge” screen into one menu option. So, instead of having “The Challenge”, you’d just have “Home” and that would serve as the main news/updates outlet for the app.

The “Score” page is really slick, I really dig how they implemented. Scoring is simple and straightforward here. You can even choose to be notified if the scored design is ever printed. You can even post the design to Facebook or Twitter. Nifty! You score tees just as you would on the Threadless website, using a scale of 1-5. However, one scoring option is notably missing … the famous Threadless “$”, indicating whether you’d buy the design if it was indeed printed. Despite this, scoring designs was well implemented on the Threadless iPhone app.

Scoring made easy! I love how they have the scoring set up, except, why is the iconic $ missing as a scoring option?

This next option on the menu bar is the “Shop” option. You’d think that since selling stuff is the business that Threadless is in, this part of the app would really shine. It doesn’t. Buying tees using the Threadless iPhone app is really clunky. It seems as if they just link straight to the Threadless website and used a stripped down, mobile version of their online store. It doesn’t seem optimized at all for the iPhone app. Browsing through the shop was often times very slow and unresponsive to the touch. Another issue encountered was that although I was logged in to my Threadless account on the Threadless app, I wasn’nt logged in when I tried to shop for tees. You had to log in once again if you want to purchase and checkout tees using the “Shop” option of the app. Don’t you think you should already be logged in to shop if you’re logged in to the app already? I think that the Threadless app developers really need to rethink the “Shop” option on the app, and really consider optimizing it for the iPhone, instead of simply using the a mobile version of the Threadless online shop. Shopping for tees on the Threadless app is mediocre at best.

Clunky shopping UI. I should be able to see pricing and T-Shirt info as I am looking at the design. In fact, here, I can’t even see all of the design unless I scroll up. They really need to optimize the shopping experience for the iPhone app.

I’m already logged in to the app, why do I need to log in again when I want to purchase some Threadless tees?

Now, the BEST part of the app is the “Wacky Stuff” option. This part of the app is genius. First, you have a little doodle pad that you can use to sketch stuff on a makeshift T-Shirt or iPhone case. Think a digital version of the Threadless Field Notes booklet. You have the option to change pen tips, and then when you’re done, you can save it to your Photo Album or email it. My favorite part of the Threadless app, though, is the “Festasizer” and the various other “Threadcams.” These cameras allowing you to take wacky photos of your face, with iconic Threadless designs layered over (or Charlie Festa’s iconic beard). Nifty and fun! The one option, though, that I feel is missing from the Threadcams is the option to switch to the front facing camera. Why not? I mean, what if you want to take a photo of yourself? Using the rear camera would make it very difficult to position the design perfectly over your face.

All in all, the official Threadless iPhone app is pretty neat. It definitely offers more than the other Threadless apps available in the Apple App Store. Although the Threadcams and the ability to score designs shine, the developers really missed the mark when it comes to shopping for tees on the app.

by SkinnyCorp, LLC
Price: Free

Hidaki: This Brand is Legit

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, one of the best things about running this blog is that I get to meet some very interesting people. Sometimes I get to meet them IRL (in real life), while other times, we meet through emails or tweets that go back and forth. So I’m really excited today because I get to show off some designs from a reader of this blog that introduced himself to me more than a year ago (because of a post that I did about LOST).

Hidaki is a new brand from designer and animator Ilan Gabai. The brand is based in New York and is a project of passion that Ilan has been developing for some time now. The current line consists of 5 different designs, with some in varying colorways. You’ll notice right away that Hidaki is all about creating hyper real designs using big and bold colors. Admittedly, the man behind these designs is a talented fellow as noted by some of the projects that he’s worked on in the computer animation industry:

“The following year after that I enrolled in to the animation department at Pratt Institute, in NYC. I graduated in 2007 and worked for the next 4 years animating in the TV and film industry. Some of the projects I have worked on include Fast & Furious, Chuck, Fringe, Ben 10, V, Rescue Me and Lost. I recently jumped boats to feature animation, and work for one of the top animation studios in the world.”

It’s also rare that someone enjoys and actually loves what they do for their day job, while also having a side project that they are just as passionate about:

“I really do have a cool job and I love it! But I need to create things for pure fun, like I used to back in the day. Searching for a new challenge, I decided to begin with T-shirt designs. Creating designs that people would want to wear all day seemed like something that would keep my brain activity in high gear. Hidaki is my outlet of genuine fun and creativity. Everything I create starts in my sketchbook, and is is drawn from my surroundings.”

These are definitely all things that I can get behind and support.

My favorites of the bunch have got to be City Pigeon and Hidaki Boombox (not shown here, you’ve got to go to the Hidaki shop to check it out). City Pigeon not just for it’s Gestlat-ish qualities and crazy colors, but because it makes me miss NYC. Hidaki boombox simply because I love to support indie brands, and this one features a variation of the Hidaki logo. The T-Shirts themselves are printed on 100% Fine Jersey cotton American Apparel Tees and use premium “soft touch” silk screened inks. No doubt these will likely be some of the most comfy T-Shirts that you’ll own. The Hidaki shirts are priced at $25 a piece and are available now at the Hidaki online store.