Rethink Clothing Bites The Dust – Big Closeout Sale!

Our good friend Andy Meyer, founder of Rethink Clothing, has decided to close down Rethink Clothing. He has spearheaded the branded for the last 4 years, and has been around since Day 1 of me becoming a T-Shirt blogger. Rethink Clothing was one of the first brands that I posted about, interviewed and even video reviewed. His Super Soaker tee will always be one of my all time favorite T-Shirts. I wish Andy the best of luck for all of his future endeavors, I’m sure they will be as big and as bold as Rethink Clothing was!


A few reasons. The first being things just came together, I can’t elaborate for certain super top secret ninja reasons. Second, it was time for me to move on. I love Rethink and have put countless nights, weekends, and free time into it. I have grown a lot, met some awesome artists and found an area of my life I enjoy pursuing. Lastly, we were attacked by Dinosaurs and they ate our offices, so that might have played into it as well…


Since the decision to close came along rather quick, I haven’t exactly determined what is next. It may be another clothing company it may not be. It might be me pursuing some personal growth in e-commerce. It may also be me learning the fine art of finally relaxing and sleeping normal hours and being a good Fiance.


The list of people to thank is long. From all my friends, customers, artists, and bloggers. Everyone played a strong role in the making Rethink a success. I mean Rethink was featured on everything from MTV to Businessweek and some of the webs top blogs, engadget, uncrate, not cot, and some other awesome sites.


Rethink was awesome. Shit, when it first started I was an idiot. I learned a ton, grew a lot and made a decently successful clothing company from nothing. I have had a ton of fun along the way. In the end I am happy I get to walk away on my terms. I just hope the college artists I used have another way to make beer money…

Now let’s celebrate buying buying some awesome tees on the cheap! Everything in the Rethink shop has been marked down, with tees priced as low as $5. You better buy your favorites while you still can!

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