Comic-Con 2011 Costume Spotting (Day 1)

Comic-Con 2011 is being held from July 21-24 this year and like last year, I’ll be costume spotting some of the best and most wacky costumes to be seen! I always get a kick at seeing what people decide to dress up as to Comic-Con. My favorite from the first day batch has got to be female Captain America and old Snake!

*All photos belong to their respective owners. I’ve provided links back to the original photos and link back to the photographers official website when possible.

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1. Green Lantern, photo by Nathan Rupert. Semi-buff Green Lantern in a Wolverine pose. Visit Model Mayhem.

2. Kato, photo by Sebastian Jespersen. Spot on Kato from the Green Hornet.

3. Female Captain America, photo by Sebastian Jespersen. I absolutely dig this female Captain America outfit!

4. Pan-Am Girls, photo by uncle_shoggoth. Girls dressed up as the Pan-Am girls from that new ABC series.

5. Psylocke, photo by Patty Mooney. Visit A Diary Left Open. As Tyra would say, FIERCE.

6. Link, photo by Noelle Paduan. I don’t remember Link having so many piercings.

7. Snake, photo by Mike Rollerson. Love this Snake costume and what an amazing photograph by Mike Rollerson.

8. Last Airbender, photo by jawajames. Aang looks to have grown up.

9. Catwoman, photo by Sebastian Jespersen. I wonder what Catwoman from the upcoming Dark Knight Rises will look like?

10. Robin, photo by Noelle Paduan. LOL – vintage 1960’s Robin.

11. Silver Surfer, photo by Kevin Baird. Amazing Silver Surfer. Though he should have gone 100% and done it naked.

12. Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones, photo by amyr_81. I think she should have gotten a bigger dragon. A much bigger dragon.

13. Pope, photo by Ed Peterson. Visit Tofublog. Even the Pope attends Comic-Con.

14. Oliver The Battle Bear, photo by Narilka. Who said all bears are cuddly.

15. Darkwing Duck, photo by Lydia Diaz. It’s Darkwing Duck!