Comic-Con 2011 Costume Spotting (Day 3)

Comic-Con 2011 is being held from July 21-24 this year and like last year, I’ll be costume spotting some of the best and most wacky costumes to be seen! I always get a kick at seeing what people decide to dress up as to Comic-Con. My favorite from Day 3 has got to be The Phantom – a great photo by Joe Osterloh!

*All photos belong to their respective owners. I’ve provided links back to the original photos and links back to the photographers official website when possible.

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1. Terminator, photo by James Lin. He’s baaaaack! Visit Chumby.

2. Catwoman(s), photo by James Lin. Yikes, multiple Catwomans! Visit Chumby.

3. Rogue, photo by James Lin. Visit Chumby.

4. Jessica Rabbit, photo by Daniel Lugo.

5. Alternate Galactus and Captain America, photo by Ewen Roberts. Is that a Native American Captain America?

6. Umbrella SWAT Team, photo by Ewen Roberts.

7. Dr. Doom, photo by Nelly Putnam.

8. Star Wars, photo by Eddie Dennis. Visit Death Trooper.

9. Harry Potter, photo by Kevin Baird. Why hello, Harry! Visit Green Desert Productions.

10. Alternate Wonder Woman, photo by Jason. I like this costume!

11. Iron Man, photo by Jason. A pretty spot-on Tony Stark.

12. Judge Dredd, photo by James Lin. I dread Judge Dredd. Visit Chumby.

13. The Phantom, photo by Joe Osterloh. Great costume. Visit Blue Atom Photography.

14. Planet of the Apes, photo by Joe Osterloh. I can’t wait for the Rise of the Planet of the Apes! Visit Blue Atom Photography.

15. Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, photo by Internet Jefe.