Evozip: Upcycle Your T-Shirt Into A Messenger Bag

I have to admit, Evozip is a pretty nifty idea. The concept is simple, you send in your favorite T-Shirt and they tranform it into a brand spanking new messenger bag. The upcycling of T-Shirts has been around for some time now, with even a book written about the subject (see Generation T: Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-shirt). I’ve even dabbled in some T-Shirt upcycling experiments – check out my Threadless T-Shirt turned throw pillow. However, these Evozip messenger bags is probably one of the most useful T-Shirt upcycling ideas around.

“The founder developed Evozip as an urban art project to see how people would express themselves when not limited by the constraints of a t-shirt. Would you coordinate with your outfit or make your message stand out? Do you show the same skin until it falls off or will someone write a blog about a new skin that they wear each day? The name Evozip means to evolve quickly. While the design of most products is finalized long before production, Evozip bags and skins are meant to evolve after entering the market. The attachment system was designed to be simple so that people can show their own creativity.”

Evozip founder Ward Greunke has promised me a sample Evozip so I’ll be sure to get my review of it up here soon. In the meantime, check out the Evozip Facebook page where you can shop for your own Evozip!

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