Comic-Con 2011 Costume Spotting (Day 4)

Comic-Con 2011 is being held from July 21-24 this year and like last year, I’ll be costume spotting some of the best and most wacky costumes to be seen! I always get a kick at seeing what people decide to dress up as to Comic-Con. My favorite from Day 4 has got to be the candid photo of Captain America giving a a female friend a ride!

*All photos belong to their respective owners. I’ve provided links back to the original photos and links back to the photographers official website when possible.

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1. Wicked Queen, photo by Jim Holman. Yeah, she really is scary!

2. Jason, photo by Jeff Vaillancourt. I’d hate to be on the opposite end of that blade.

3. Batman, Robin, and Penguin, photo by Johnny Wanderlust. 60’s Batman…BOOM…POW!

4. Wolverine, photo by Ronald Woan. Visit Woan’s World. Why hello, Logan.

5. Cinderella, photo by Kendall Whitehouse. Visit On Technology and Media. Why can’t Cinderella keep that shoe on her foot!

6. Black Swan, photo by Paul Nomad. Visit Idle Hand’s Blog. I need more Black Swan and less White Swan.

7. Wolverine, photo by Paul Nomad. Visit Idle Hand’s Blog.

8. Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art, photo by Bridgette LeVile. This is great, she looks like she stepped right out of a comic or a Lichtenstein print.

9. Captain Hammer, photo by Kendall Whitehouse. Someone find Dr. Evil. Visit On Technology and Media.

10. War Machine, photo by Kendall Whitehouse. An excellent War Machine costume! Visit On Technology and Media.

11. Mr. and Mrs. Captain America, photo by Matthew Mendoza. My favorite candid photo of the bunch!

12. Steampunk Flash, photo by Matthew Mendoza. Excellent Steampunk Flash!

13. The Phoenix, photo by Matthew Mendoza.

14. Na’vi, photo by James Lin. I wonder if he’s blue everywhere. Visit Chumby.

15. Han Solo In Carbonite, photo by James Lin. Pretty inventive of this guy! Visit Chumby.